New! Las Vegas Photographer Pam Fields’ Limited Time Exhibition

Pam Fields, based in Las Vegas, NV, is an award winning boudoir and erotic art photographer and educator working with men, women, couples. She has a passion for connecting with her clients to capture the beauty and sensuality of each individual through her lens while creating a safe, comfortable, and empowering environment. Her images explore […]

The Catherine Exhibit

“I’m working with a friend – very simple. I like his work” – Eddie Van Halen, on his work with Michael Ninn on the film Sacred Sin The Catherine ExhibitOpening June 3 2023Erotic Heritage MuseumLas Vegas Nevada “We hooked up, I ended up doing the music, and it’s some whompin-ass shit. I think it’s the […]

“How Vampire Orgies Build Friendships”

David Rumfoot is a bestselling author and the creator of Motivational Monsters™. He has adventured in over 60 nations, prompting ABC 20/20 to broadcast, “This man has seen it all.” He has won dozens of literary awards, including the USA REBA Grand Prize, and been featured in articles across a dozen nations. Rumfoot writes of […]

Legba and the Fon People of Benin, Africa @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Belief, Fertility and Bountiful Harvest Exhibition MAWU-LISA is a complex deity worshiped in coastal West Africa by the Fon and most of the Ewe. Occasionally Mawu and Lisa are considered as separate deities; sometimes they are seen together as a complementary sexual pair. The issue is complicated because the Ewe peoples use the term mawu both to refer […]

Russell Richards – NSFWOW @ Erotic Heritage Museum

New Gallery Exhibit showing now in the Lobby Gallery at the Erotic Heritage Museum. A stunning new themed art show!! Website- “I began experimenting with filmmaking and special effects at an early age. Growing up, I spent many a weekend sculpting fantastic creatures or making super-8 movies with my friends in the neighborhood. Ultimately the […]

A Journey through the Age of Tiberius

Emperor Tiberius moved to the island of Capri in 26 CE, leaving the state’s management to his secretaries and Sejanus – an ambitious praetorian prefect. He initially sent his decisions by correspondence and eventually ceased to be interested in the authorities. According to Suetonius, however, he had to concentrate on perverse games and expanding his […]

A Celebration of the Garden of Earthly Delights @ Erotic Heritage Museum

A new exhibit is being built at the EHM! Every 5 years we tear down and rebuild our centerpiece exhibit, and 2020 is that year! We are currently building our newest exhibit, an interactive, and ANIMATED, ode to Hieronymus Bosch famous “Garden of Earthly Delights”. By the end of the year you can wander and […]

Artist of the Month – Valeria Nova

Valeria Nova is a Russian-born artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Valeria graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 2007. Her work questions the parallels between painting and pornography – both are considered visual sources of pleasure. Valeria’s lush paintings combine figuration and abstraction, as she explores the world of pornography […]

3D Perceptions – The Art of Andrew Prince

NOW OPEN!!! Andrew Prince – 3D Perceptions From the artist: “The art of mold building, and life casting in particular is an endless fascination and passion for me. I have been an artist my entire life working primarily with pencil/pen and ink, and sculpture. I came upon this craft during a model building effort. Working […]

Voluptuous Panic – The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin

Based on the book of the same name by the scholar, activist, writer and teacher, Mel Gordon, this new exhibit is being touted as a “celebration of sexual positivity” in the years before Hitler’s reign. “Surely, people are acquainted with the movie ‘Cabaret,’ and have probably seen or read about some of what was happening […]

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