The Catherine Exhibit

The Catherine Exhibit

“I’m working with a friend – very simple. I like his work”
– Eddie Van Halen, on his work with Michael Ninn on the film Sacred Sin

The Catherine Exhibit
Opening June 3 2023
Erotic Heritage Museum
Las Vegas Nevada

“We hooked up, I ended up doing the music, and it’s some whompin-ass shit. I think it’s the best work he’s ever done, and me too. And more to come.”
-Eddie Van Halen, on his work with Michael Ninn on the film Sacred Sin

Step into the world of Catherine, a captivating and ethereal art exhibit that transcends time and space, living simultaneously in the past, present, and future.

The Catherine Exhibit features highlights of Ninn’s illustrious 30 year career in the adult industry, including original art and never-before-heard music from the films “Catherine,” and “Sacred Sin.” The two films are the result of a collaboration between Michael Ninn, the famed yet reclusive porn director, and Eddie Van Halen, the legendary musician. Their chance meeting in part inspired the creation of this captivating art exhibit, which explores the themes of art, sex, and music, concocting a bewitching cocktail of sensory experiences.

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