Artist of the Month – Elizabeth A. Johnson

Artist of the Month Multimedia artist Elizabeth A. Johnson has been exploring gender and sexuality through her photography and sculpture for nearly a decade. She focus’ heavily on representational form, and utilize bright colors with heavy contrast through light and shadow. Her goal is to promote tolerance through familiarity and exposure. Her installations allow the […]

Artist of the Month Alberto A. Navarro II @ EHM

Las Vegas’ Erotic Heritage Museum is a sex positive exhibition space, operating with an ethos that sexual pleasure is an intrinsic aspect of the human experience and celebrations of human sexuality should be made available to all. For Artist of the Month the Museum is featuring Alberto A. Navarro II. He brings the delicacy of […]

Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show Installation

Landing at the EHM for the next year (and we are so happy to have it) is the clever, provocative, and often hilarious, Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show. As we all know, good sex, and a general positive adult attitude to our human intimacies comes from one’s ability to explore desires in many shapes, sizes and […]

Clare O Hagan: The EHM’s Summer Featured Artist

The Erotic Heritage Museum has selected Clare O Hagan as its Summer Featured Artist. O Hagan’s latest exhibition, “Embracing Women,” will be exhibited in the Erotic Heritage Museum’s lobby library now through the end of August. The museum couldn’t be happier bringing this important visual artist into Las Vegas for the summer. O Hagan created […]

Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe

In yet another example of an ancient functional artifact created with an erotic ‘theme,’ we have on display at the EHM a Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe. Made of bamboo with a clay pipe bowl, the pipe here reveals a couple in the “69” position; the female’s head towards the pipe, the male’s head towards the […]

Chinese Snuff Bottles

Snuff bottles have held a specific allure for collectors since they were first produced in China in the early 18th century. Known as ‘snuff boxes’ in other cultures, the delicate containers, made of jade, bone, glass, and ivory, were created to hold ground powdered tobacco (called snuff). The bottles were initially made for the Chinese […]

Costa Rica Primal Penetration Statues: The Kissing Couple

Sweet as well as sexual-and highly erotic in its own way-our Costa Rica Primal Penetration Statue; The Kissing Couple is one of the EHM’s more unique items. When it comes to sexual statuary from cultures, ancient or not, there is a rich vein to explore across the museums of the world that display such artifacts. […]

Screw Magazine

When Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw magazine, died three years shy of his 8th decade, (Dec. 19th, 2013) the world lost one of the leading lights of modern-day pornography. Known for “flipping the bird,” as much as his consistent barking at cultural conventions, through his weekly sex magazine, Goldstein took on cultural, sexual hypocrisy, organized […]

Peruvian-Moche Erotic Clay Vessels @ Erotic Heritage Museum

The Moche ruled the northern coast of Peru 2000 years ago. Though little recorded written account exists for these people, it is known they erected mud and brick pyramids, fashioned intricate aqueducts, and with an advanced skill with metallurgy created intricate jewelry and artifacts. Moche ceramics is especially held in high regard by archeologists, as […]

Chinese Pillow Books @ Erotic Heritage Museum

The EHM often comes across historical sexual artifacts that are very rare. Either because there were few made or a specific erotica ephemera has been lost or deliberately destroyed in the ensuing centuries, we are doubly thrilled to present something not only of sexually educational value but pieces that might indeed not be seen all […]

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