UNLV NEWS CENTERSPECIAL Collections and Archives Features Nevada Sexual Economies; The Erotic Heritage Museum is the title sponsor for the symposium and reception.

AVN – The Erotic Heritage Museum Exhibits Works of Luis and Romulo Royo

SEXPERT.COMAh, that special Layering – Famous father and son artists featured in venerable Las Vegas sex-positive institution

YnotThe Erotic Heritage Museum Features Famous Artists

AIPDailyMitchel Johnson’s Murder of Fireflies added to Royo Exhibit

LNV.comA Perfect Combination of Music and Sex – The Erotic Heritage Museum

xbizNew Luis Royo Exhibit Titilliates 

EMMREPORT.ComMitchel Johnson featured in Royo exhibit

Skyhawkafterdarkradio.comSalt Lake Musician Mitchel Johnson adds sensual sounds to Royo Exhibit

dawnamatrix.comLuis and Romolo Royo Exhibit at EHM

aipdaily.comYear Long Royo Exhibit at Erotic Museum Vegas

Elephant.ArtSex Exhibitions and the Line between objectification and education

broadwayworld.comMichael Ninn’s Erotic Legacy Featuring Works by Eddie Van Halen

xbizMichael Ninn’s 30 Year Legacy and his work with Eddie Van Halen on Sacred Sin at Erotic Heritage Museum


Harpers MagazineGhosting the Machine –  Humans, robots, and the new sexual frontier


Vogue Magazine – Halloween in Vegas at the Erotic Heritage Museum – Aaron Carter to Star in NAKED BOYS SINGING! in Las Vegas – Aaron Carter Says He’s Going Fully Nude in Las Vegas Musical Revue ‘Naked Boys Singing’ (EXCLUSIVE) – Aaron Carter to go fully nude for musical revue in Las Vegas – AARON’S PARTY

The Cut – Yet Another Opportunity to See Aaron Carter Naked – Aaron Carter bringing OnlyFans act into real world, revealing all on Vegas stage – Aaron Carter Prepares To Bare It All In ‘Naked Boys Singing!’ – Aaron Carter to Headline Vegas Run of ‘Naked Boys Singing!’

KTNV News – Adult industry reflects on Larry Flynt’s passing, impact on Las Vegas

MLive – Judge awards 45k for destroyed porn collection

Deadline Detroit – Michigan Mans Wins Suit against Parents for Porn Collection

Complex – Parents Ordered to Pay over 45k for destroying Son’s Porn Collection

NYPOST – Judge orders parents 45k for tossing son’s porn, sex toy collection

USAToday – Porn collection: Parents must pay son over 30k for getting rid of his porn collection

Huff Post – Michigan parents owe son $30,441 for tossing out prized porn collection

People Magazine – Parents have to pay 43 year old son $30k after getting rid of his pornography collection

BBC – US judge says parents owe son over trashed porn collection

APNews – Parents must pay $30,441 for getting rid of son’s porn cache

Chicago Sun Times – Parents tossed son’s porn collection and now must pay him 30,441

Miami Herald – Parents must pay $30,000 to son for trashed porn collection

USNews – Parents must pay $30,441 for getting rid of son’s porn cache

The Guardian – Judge: Michigan couple must pay son $30,441 for throwing out porn collection

Metro Times – Judge orders Michigan parents who destroyed son’s porn trove to pay

Vice – Parents must pay son $45,000 for his porn collection

The Oregonian – Parents ordered to pay thousands



Fox 5 Vegas – Mural at Erotic Heritage Museum vandalized

Whores Of Yore – Interview with the Dr Victoria Hartmaan, the Director of the Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum

Civilized – We Found Ancient Medical Marijuana at a Sex Museum in Las Vegas

Matador Network – The 11 sexiest museums in the world

Toronto City News – End of an era: Lone peep show in Las Vegas area closes – AEE Panel Provides Insights Into the History of Sex – Son Wins Lawsuit vs. Parents Over Destroyed Porn Collection

BBC News – US judge says parents owe son over trashed porn collection

Holland Sentinel – Judge: Parents must pay son back after purging porn ‘trove’

WEW News – US judge says parents owe son over trashed porn collection – Just How Common Is a Cannibalism Fetish, Anyway?

Deadline Detroit – Michigan Man Wins Suit Against Parents Who Destroyed $26K Porn Collection



Las Vegas Sun – Sex Workers Underrepresented in Feminist Movements

KTNV – Clare O’Hagan Featured Summer Artist at EHM

Ynot – Record Setting Orgy Attempt Moves to Erotic Heritage Museum

BoingBoing – World’s Largest Orgy Attempt Moves, Now with more Science

Men’s Health Mag – World’s Largest Orgy to Happen in Las Vegas

Fox News – Hotel Cancels After group announces World’s Largest Orgy

CNN – Sex Museums; a Global Guide

Xbiz – Erotic Museum offers to buy Stormy’s Dress for 100k

AVN – Kelly Shibari is EHM’s New Marketing Guru

Sex in Review – Vegas baby!


Vice – EHM Director amongst 50 most influential LGBTIQAA Activists in US

Trip Expert – 2017 Experts Choice Award

Ynot – EHM Hosts 2nd Annual WNBR Las Vegas

Thrillist – The Best Museums in Las Vegas – EHM Director Wins 3 Prestigious Awards – Hey Westboro Baptist Church..get out of Las Vegas! – Inside the Sex Museum using Erotica to push Activism

YNot – I would have gone with Lemon flavored Vodka

QLife – Success of Puppetry of the Penis at EHM

Review-Journal – Signs from Women’s March go on display at Erotic Museum

XBiz – Erotic Museum Unveils First Amendment of Rooftop

Las Vegas Weekly – Erotic Heritage Museum Covers Itself in the Constitution



Las Vegas Weekly – Advanced Education – Erotic Art Auction comes to Vegas

Trip Expert – Experts Choice

Las Vegas Sun – First World Naked Bike Ride Retrospective

Review Journal – World Naked Bike Riding Day

News Channel 3 – Bikes, Bodies and Bare Butts

KTNV News 13 – World Naked Bike Ride Las Vegas – Erotic Museum Vegas Hosts World Naked Bike Ride

Las Vegas Sun – Naked Bike Ride Saturday

KLUC 98.5 – Get Ready for a Naked Bike Ride on the Strip

Buzzed Vegas – There’s going to be a Naked Bike Ride on the Strip

Las Vegas Weekly – Vegas Stages it’s First Naked Bike Ride

Mic – Donald Trump Micro Penis Sick Burn – Erotic Museum offers Illma Gore a Home for Her Trump Art

Huffington Post – Erotic Museum Vegas has interest in Trump’s Penis

Las Vegas Review Journal – Vegas Museum Seeks Donation from Trump

Las Vegas Sun – One Year anniversary of Puppetry of the Penis at EHM

Las Vegas Weekly – Feminism Reigns at Erotic Museum Vegas


DawnamatrixHistoric Undies at the Erotic Heritage Museum

AdvocateIn the Galleries; Verner Degray

AVNHow our Might Fall – New Exhibit

Topless VegasBring a Virgin to Naked Yoga

XBizNight at the Erotic Museum Film Debuts

Urban Daddy.comWorld’s Largest Sex Bike

Vegas.com5 Best Adult Shows in Vegas

Vegas SevenBest Museum for the Uninhibited

Vegas dot ComWhen size matters – The biggest Erotic Museum in the World is in Vegas

Short and Sweet NYCVacation Time

Las Vegas WeeklyAdventures in Sex: With New Exhibits, the Erotic Heritage Museum Aims to offer and Interactive Experience

New York Daily News – Monica Lewinsky offered $1 million by Las Vegas erotic museum for dress worn during tryst with Bill Clinton

Short and Sweet NYC – THE SEX FILES: We talk with Dr. Victoria Hartmann

Forplay and Fangs – Talking Shop: The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas

Short and Sweet NYC– THE SEX FILES: West Coast Calling

TMZ – Las Vegas Sex Museum Couple Busted Banging Inside ’50 Shades’ Themed Event

oe24 – Im Sex-Museum beim Sex erwischt

Las Vegas Sun – Q+A: Simon Morley of ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ talks path to Las Vegas

Fox 5 Vegas– How Vegas is Embracing 50 Shades

Daily Show – Sex Ed in Clark County Schools

Las Vegas Weekly – New Leadership Erotic Heritage Museum

Yahoo – 51 Weird Museums Across the U.S.: One For Every State

Las Vegas Review Journal – Dancer Famous for Prince Harry ‘naked liaison’ to strip this weekend



Las Vegas Weekly – Las Vegas Erotic Museum to Reopen with a New Look

Las Vegas Review Journal – Monica Lewinsky offered $250,000.00 for infamous dress by Vegas Museum



Las Vegas Review Journal – New ‘Aphrodite’ exhibit stimulates Erotic Heritage Museum

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