Vogue Magazine – Halloween in Vegas at the Erotic Heritage Museum – Aaron Carter to Star in NAKED BOYS SINGING! in Las Vegas – Aaron Carter Says He’s Going Fully Nude in Las Vegas Musical Revue ‘Naked Boys Singing’ (EXCLUSIVE) – Aaron Carter to go fully nude for musical revue in Las Vegas – AARON’S PARTY
The Cut – Yet Another Opportunity to See Aaron Carter Naked – Aaron Carter bringing OnlyFans act into real world, revealing all on Vegas stage – Aaron Carter Prepares To Bare It All In ‘Naked Boys Singing!’ – Aaron Carter to Headline Vegas Run of ‘Naked Boys Singing!’
KTNV News – Adult industry reflects on Larry Flynt’s passing, impact on Las Vegas
MLive – Judge awards 45k for destroyed porn collection
Deadline Detroit – Michigan Mans Wins Suit against Parents for Porn Collection
Complex – Parents Ordered to Pay over 45k for destroying Son’s Porn Collection
NYPOST – Judge orders parents 45k for tossing son’s porn, sex toy collection
USAToday – Porn collection: Parents must pay son over 30k for getting rid of his porn collection
Huff Post – Michigan parents owe son $30,441 for tossing out prized porn collection
People Magazine – Parents have to pay 43 year old son $30k after getting rid of his pornography collection
BBC – US judge says parents owe son over trashed porn collection
APNews – Parents must pay $30,441 for getting rid of son’s porn cache
Chicago Sun Times – Parents tossed son’s porn collection and now must pay him 30,441
Miami Herald – Parents must pay $30,000 to son for trashed porn collection
USNews – Parents must pay $30,441 for getting rid of son’s porn cache
The Guardian – Judge: Michigan couple must pay son $30,441 for throwing out porn collection
Metro Times – Judge orders Michigan parents who destroyed son’s porn trove to pay
Vice – Parents must pay son $45,000 for his porn collection
The Oregonian – Parents ordered to pay thousands


Fox 5 Vegas – Mural at Erotic Heritage Museum vandalized
Whores Of Yore – Interview with the Dr Victoria Hartmaan, the Director of the Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum
Civilized – We Found Ancient Medical Marijuana at a Sex Museum in Las Vegas
Matador Network – The 11 sexiest museums in the world
Toronto City News – End of an era: Lone peep show in Las Vegas area closes – AEE Panel Provides Insights Into the History of Sex – Son Wins Lawsuit vs. Parents Over Destroyed Porn Collection
BBC News – US judge says parents owe son over trashed porn collection
Holland Sentinel – Judge: Parents must pay son back after purging porn ‘trove’
WEW News – US judge says parents owe son over trashed porn collection – Just How Common Is a Cannibalism Fetish, Anyway?
Deadline Detroit – Michigan Man Wins Suit Against Parents Who Destroyed $26K Porn Collection


Las Vegas Sun – Sex Workers Underrepresented in Feminist Movements
KTNV – Clare O’Hagan Featured Summer Artist at EHM
Ynot – Record Setting Orgy Attempt Moves to Erotic Heritage Museum
BoingBoing – World’s Largest Orgy Attempt Moves, Now with more Science
Men’s Health Mag – World’s Largest Orgy to Happen in Las Vegas
Fox News – Hotel Cancels After group announces World’s Largest Orgy
CNN – Sex Museums; a Global Guide
Xbiz – Erotic Museum offers to buy Stormy’s Dress for 100k
AVN – Kelly Shibari is EHM’s New Marketing Guru
Sex in Review – Vegas baby!


Vice – EHM Director amongst 50 most influential LGBTIQAA Activists in US
Trip Expert – 2017 Experts Choice Award
Ynot – EHM Hosts 2nd Annual WNBR Las Vegas
Thrillist – The Best Museums in Las Vegas – EHM Director Wins 3 Prestigious Awards – Hey Westboro Baptist Church..get out of Las Vegas! – Inside the Sex Museum using Erotica to push Activism
YNot – I would have gone with Lemon flavored Vodka
QLife – Success of Puppetry of the Penis at EHM
Review-Journal – Signs from Women’s March go on display at Erotic Museum
XBiz – Erotic Museum Unveils First Amendment of Rooftop
Las Vegas Weekly – Erotic Heritage Museum Covers Itself in the Constitution


Las Vegas Weekly – Advanced Education – Erotic Art Auction comes to Vegas
Trip Expert – Experts Choice
Las Vegas Sun – First World Naked Bike Ride Retrospective
Review Journal – World Naked Bike Riding Day
News Channel 3 – Bikes, Bodies and Bare Butts
KTNV News 13 – World Naked Bike Ride Las Vegas – Erotic Museum Vegas Hosts World Naked Bike Ride
Las Vegas Sun – Naked Bike Ride Saturday
KLUC 98.5 – Get Ready for a Naked Bike Ride on the Strip
Buzzed Vegas – There’s going to be a Naked Bike Ride on the Strip
Las Vegas Weekly – Vegas Stages it’s First Naked Bike Ride
Mic – Donald Trump Micro Penis Sick Burn – Erotic Museum offers Illma Gore a Home for Her Trump Art
Huffington Post – Erotic Museum Vegas has interest in Trump’s Penis
Las Vegas Review Journal – Vegas Museum Seeks Donation from Trump
Las Vegas Sun – One Year anniversary of Puppetry of the Penis at EHM
Las Vegas Weekly – Feminism Reigns at Erotic Museum Vegas



Dawnamatrix: Historic Undies at the Erotic Heritage Museum
Advocate: In the Galleries; Verner Degray
AVN: How our Might Fall – New Exhibit
Topless Vegas: Bring a Virgin to Naked Yoga
XBiz: Night at the Erotic Museum Film Debuts
Urban World’s Largest Sex Bike 5 Best Adult Shows in Vegas
Vegas Seven: Best Museum for the Uninhibited
Vegas dot Com: When size matters – The biggest Erotic Museum in the World is in Vegas
Short and Sweet NYC: Vacation Time
Las Vegas Weekly: Adventures in Sex: With New Exhibits, the Erotic Heritage Museum Aims to offer and Interactive Experience
New York Daily News – Monica Lewinsky offered $1 million by Las Vegas erotic museum for dress worn during tryst with Bill Clinton
Short and Sweet NYC – THE SEX FILES: We talk with Dr. Victoria Hartmann
Forplay and Fangs – Talking Shop: The Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas
Short and Sweet NYC- THE SEX FILES: West Coast Calling
TMZ – Las Vegas Sex Museum Couple Busted Banging Inside ’50 Shades’ Themed Event
oe24 – Im Sex-Museum beim Sex erwischt
Las Vegas Sun – Q+A: Simon Morley of ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ talks path to Las Vegas
Fox 5 Vegas- How Vegas is Embracing 50 Shades
Daily Show – Sex Ed in Clark County Schools
Las Vegas Weekly – New Leadership Erotic Heritage Museum
Yahoo – 51 Weird Museums Across the U.S.: One For Every State
Las Vegas Review Journal – Dancer Famous for Prince Harry ‘naked liaison’ to strip this weekend


Las Vegas Weekly – Las Vegas Erotic Museum to Reopen with a New Look
Las Vegas Review Journal – Monica Lewinsky offered $250,000.00 for infamous dress by Vegas Museum


Las Vegas Review Journal – New ‘Aphrodite’ exhibit stimulates Erotic Heritage Museum

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