Russell Richards – NSFWOW @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Russell Richards – NSFWOW @ Erotic Heritage Museum

New Gallery Exhibit showing now in the Lobby Gallery at the Erotic Heritage Museum. A stunning new themed art show!!

“I began experimenting with filmmaking and special effects at an early age. Growing up, I spent many a weekend sculpting fantastic creatures or making super-8 movies with my friends in the neighborhood. Ultimately the skills I learned making those crude science fiction and horror movies led to a career in the fine arts, but I never lost the urge to make films.

I think of the NSFWar of the Worlds photo series as my unrealized sci-fi/exploitation movie. The kind of movie that, once upon a time, you’d guiltily rent from the video store based entirely upon the lurid cover art, that featured action-packed storylines, freaky monsters, gratuitous nudity and creative practical effects. A movie set in a world where cities lay in ruins and camouflaged naked warrior women battle tentacled alien overlords.

The series gives me an opportunity to sculpt props and miniatures, design monsters, cover abandoned warehouses with graffiti, and body paint nude models. Like a movie, live action elements are shot on location, special effects elements are photographed in front of a green screen, and all are digitally assembled to create the final composite image. Every step of the process is ridiculously fun!

NSFWar of the Worlds is influenced by pop art, graffiti, and adult fantasy comics like Heavy Metal. This explicitly nude imagery is a reflection of the uncensored contemporary online environment, too.”

Russell Richards is currently in residence in the Lobby Gallery.

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