New! Las Vegas Photographer Pam Fields’ Limited Time Exhibition

New! Las Vegas Photographer Pam Fields’ Limited Time Exhibition

Pam Fields, based in Las Vegas, NV, is an award winning boudoir and erotic art photographer and educator working with men, women, couples. She has a passion for connecting with her clients to capture the beauty and sensuality of each individual through her lens while creating a safe, comfortable, and empowering environment. Her images explore themes of desire, vulnerability, and intimacy. Through meticulous attention to details, masterful lighting, and an intuitive understanding of her subjects’ boundaries and comforts, she creates images that transcend the usual and enter the realm of art. Her photography is not just about capturing images; it’s about evoking emotions, stories, and sometimes even an unspoken dialogue through the visual medium.

Pam, recently named the number one nude photographer in Las Vegas, has quickly made a name for herself in the industry not only as a photographer, but also as a mentor, educator, and public speaker. Whether it’s capturing the raw emotion of a boudoir shoot or the eroticism of an intimate moment, Pam’s photographs are a testament to her artistic vision and her passion for her craft. She has a passion for sharing her journey with other photographers. Her art speaks for itself, and her unique style and approach to photography make her an artist to watch. Pam has been invited to share her insights at national photography conventions, workshops, and retreats.

Pam Fields is more than a photographer; she is an emblem of resilience, empowerment, and excellence. Through her lens, she has not only captured the beauty and grace of her subjects but has also etched her indelible mark as a business leader, a visionary, and a beacon of inspiration for countless others. The Erotic Heritage Museum is honored to host her exclusive solo exhibition in our lobby through the end of 2023.

To see more of her work, or book a session with Pam, visit https://www.pamfieldsphotography.com/

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