The Super Bowl Sexy Double Standard

The Super Bowl Sexy Double Standard

Maybe the big game has never recovered Janet Jackson’s nip slip during 2004 halftime, but these many years later, a Score’s strip club add has been rejected by the NFL for the CBS Super Bowl broadcast Sunday night commercial line-up.

To be fair, ads for casinos, contraceptives, tobacco, firearms and fireworks are a no go as well. But alcohol and junk food (beer and chips) are allowed. And what about past beauties hawking for Go Daddy, Megan Fox advertising for Motorola while sitting in a bubble bath or the many other scantily clad ladies we’ve seen selling Doritos, were these displays any more salacious then a strip club add the football big wigs claimed, “doesn’t meet the standards of the NFL.”

Is this all some Super Bowl Sexy Double standard?

The list of commercials banned from Super Bowl airing make best-of-lists online every year; banned for a wide variety of reasons, from Kate Upton eating a Carl’s Jr. burger, while taking off her clothes, to simply two old people doing not much more than sitting on a bench, smiling at one another, but hawking for Porn Hub. It seems to be it’s as much the product as it is gorgeous girls slightly stripped that get the NFL all heated.

Turning down the five million dollars they would have gained running the Score’s add, it seems evident the NFL can indeed pick and choose what it wants to run in a far off-the-rails supply-and-demand. But then one wonders, could Scores have cleaned-up their add enough to pass NFL muster, once rejected would the NFL had taken a tamer add anyway and in the end, does this news of the rejected add get Scores more press anyway?

Like it or not, it certainly is cheaper for the strip club giant to play it this way.


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