Hey Kids, Let’s Put On A Show…But Not In Dallas: Exxxotica Banned

Hey Kids, Let’s Put On A Show…But Not In Dallas: Exxxotica Banned

Skipping over the possible unconstitutionality of the issue (as happens many times when the adult business meets self-appointed civic watchdogs, laws are often subjugated) an upcoming “Exxxotica Expo” has been banned from the Dallas Convention Center. Meeting with protests when it came into Dallas last year, having had to move venues in New Jersey at its inception showing there, but basically happening many times a year in various cities across the U.S. Three Expo Event’s Exxxotica is a premier showcase weekend for adult performers to meet their fans, toy makers sell their wares and local strip clubs represent their talent.

But that all won’t be happening in Dallas in 2016.

Dallas city councilman Philip Kingston voiced the bigger picture saying: “…if you have a public convention center, you are required to sign leases like this one…so, the real debate is, do we want a public convention center, not do we want a sex expo?” While Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings claims Exxxotica “doesn’t belong in Dallas.” and when: “I find out, on the website, there’s a place called ‘The Dungeon,’ where women are tied up and whipped…I just said, ‘You’ve crossed the line. You’ve crossed the line. I can’t be for that.”

Exxxotica’s “Dungeon” area is merely a delineated section of the convention floor sporting various spanking benches, an iron cross and cages, where women (and men) as much play dom as sub, is just one small part of the full Exxxotica experience…an ‘experience’ that does not allow anyone under 18 to attend, and no full nudity. There are also very often ‘hot-rod’ cars rolled in to share space with the naughty booths (and to fill-out cavernous convention hall spaces), and staging that sees as many mid-level rappers as adult talent performing upon it. And while local police walk between the porn star’s autographing DVD’s and vape pen salesman hawking their wares, and a perennially smiling Ron Jeremy puts his arms around fans for a picture, as these types of conventions go, Exxxotica is a rather tame affair.

One wonders what’s really behind Dallas’ objection

So far http://www.exxxoticaexpo.com/ is planned for 7/8-10th in Chicago, Columbus OH 8/26-28th and Edison, NJ 4-6.

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