Robots and Sex

Robots and Sex

In the recently released: Our Sexual Future With Robots: A Foundations For
Responsible Robotics Consultation Report, authors Noel Sharkey, Aimee van
Wynsberghe, Scott Robins and Eleanor Hancock postulate that robots that are
designed for sex are “essentially pornographic representations of the human body –
mostly female.” And that these “representations combined with human
anthropomorphism may lead many to perceive robots as a new ontological
category that exists in a fantasy between the living and the inanimate. “

The authors went on to ask what they felt was the most important questions in
concern to humankind’s possible sexual involvement with the most advanced
sexual surrogate/aid/toy/diversion to come into our lives.

• Would people have sex with a robot?
• What kind of relationship can we have with a robot?
• Will robot sex workers and bordellos be acceptable?
• Will sex robots change societal perceptions of gender?
• Could sexual intimacy with robots lead to greater social isolation?
• Could robots help with sexual healing and therapy?
• Would sex robots help reduce sex crimes?

With a 2016 study by the University of Duisburg-Essen finding more than 40
percent of 263 heterosexual men surveyed could imagine using a sex robot, the
time might be nigh to answer the above questions.

Question #1: Though skewing towards hetero men as all pornography studies do,
still, why won’t we see the rise of sex robots for trans, gay, bi and straight women
to enjoy?

Question #2: One must define the term “relationship.”

Question #3: There are already bordellos set up featuring sex robots.

Question #4: In a world where we are already questioning gender on a daily basis,
wouldn’t the evolution of our inventions in this area make us question or
perceptions deeper?

Question #5: The modern technological quandary seems to be; while all our
gizmos and social reach in current culture seem to bring us closer, the human
animal seems to be ever more the hermit presently.

Question #6: As any adult toy or sexual aid can, yes, a sex robot might be able to
help with sexual healing and therapy.

Question #7: Answering whether the would-be criminal would find release (in
various ways) engaging a robot in sexual play, depends on the criminal and what
he or she derives from perpetrating sex crimes.

Formulaic questions and nebulous answers aside, one fact is known; robots and sex
have met in our current culture and seem to be marching hand and metal aperture
into the future.

Dr. Victoria with Ralph G.


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