Did The Election (and modern politics in general) Kill The Nation’s Sex Drive?

Did The Election (and modern politics in general) Kill The Nation’s Sex Drive?

Just this past week Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “liked” a hardcore porn clip posted
@SexuallPosts. But beyond the junior Republican senator/ex-Presidential
candidate, have our libidos lessened in the age of Trump? Did our mojo go ‘no go’
during the campaign? Are we all simply too tired and shell-shocked by ‘fake news’
and arguing points the other side (no matter the side) never wants to consider?

Could it be a country-wide depression that’s gripped us? Anxiety over a seeming
questionable U.S. economy and global status? The fertility app (who knew there
was such a thin?) Kindara surveyed 928 of their users eligible to vote last October.

They found a particular libido drop (especially from women) from what they called
“election dysfunction.”

Has there indeed been a drop in our national humping?

In this age of strictly delineated political sides, even when the sides are speaking
not from a political forum, it is hard to get a measurable scientific assessment
about the nation’s feelings. A clear assumption might be that, if your candidate
wins (say you were a Trump supporter) vindication might lead to a tickle you-
know-where. Conversely, shouldn’t we assume Hillary folks sought more
‘comfort’ then usual?

There is also the idea that for the first time in U.S. history a woman was actually a
candidate for the highest office in the land. Gender considerations had never before
been so in the forefront in the country’s politics, as much from Hillary being the
Democratic choice, as transgender right concerns coming to the fore within the last
few years. Added into this mix, were the critique against Donald Trump of high
misogyny. Arguably sex, in all its incarnations, and for want of a better label, had
never been as front-and- center in the cultural political scene as it was in the past

Did this all come to affect the how, why and if indeed we want sex now?

– R.G. with Dr. Victoria

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