Pot and Sex

Pot and Sex

Infamous pot-centric mag HIGH TIMES explored the relationship between pot and sex in their first issue of the New Year. Delving into writer Sophie Saint Thomas’ personal confession of how pot saved her intimate life, interviewing cultural columnist Dan Savage on the issue, running a “Sex in the Growroom” feature, plus visiting with the all-female cannabis collective Om Grown, H.T. covered what is pretty much the cultural latest on what pot can and cannot do to your libido. Presently twenty three U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have legalized medicinal marijuana, so like it or not, pot is slipping into mainstream conversation-if not use-more and more

But really, does pot and sex mix and if they, do they mix well?

In his recent article in Playboy Magazine, “The Truth About How Marijuana Affects Male Sexual Performance” Justin Lehmiller claims that the oft told tale of how pot helps men last longer before ejaculation, might just be the drug altering a male smoker’s perception of time. So could be true of women who report longer orgasms when smoking pot, as precise passage of time is not something lots of pot smokers can rely on, Lehmiller states.

Lehmiller also sites a study on animals where it was found that cannabis “has an inhibitory effect on certain receptors inside the erectile tissue of the penis,” though no study has yet to have been done on humans. He also sites factors like quantity of pot ingested, strain of weed and overall sensitivity to the drug as mitigating factors to whether or not an individual will enjoy their naughty times more with the drug or without.

Certainly the many folks suffering through chronic pain and anxiety seeing relief from smoking, could put them in the mind-and possibly mood-to get frisky where they might not normally want to be. And a couple who smokes together are engaging in a social activity that could be considered a type of intimacy, or lead to some.

Maybe really what it comes down to, as it seems to be with any drug we take, be it caffeine, alcohol, pot, etc. is that each person reacts to whatever they do in their own way and sometimes the little bit ‘extra,’ can as much helps, as it can hinder.


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