Objects Of Desire

Objects Of Desire

Luckily, there are plenty of objects in the modern day world to desire. A quick run through even just the lobby of the EHM (let alone sauntering through our two floors) will bring you in contact with sculptures, paintings to ogle (and some to purchase in our gallery) to our world’s largest sex bike. The just released Objects Of Desire by Schiffer Books, expounds on the idea of the design of the objects we could come to desire, use in our sex lives and even wear.

The heavy tome of over 200 pages, is the creation of Jason Scuderi, a visual artist who has worked across the fields of design, illustration, music and architecture, and writer Rita Catinella Orrell, who has been writing about product design for over two decades. Together they’ve created quite the feast for eye and intellect here with sections like: “Remote & App-Controlled Toys” “Cock Rings & Anal Toys” “Light BDSM” (to name but a few) where one finds a full range of innovative adult products made by such companies as Lelo, Jimmy Jane, Maresova and Hot Octopuss (again, to name but a few…of the toy companies represented here). Scuderi gives us perfect pictures of these items at their very best angle (and often time multiple angles) and Orrell provides no nonsense descriptions. From the curled horsehair mane of Rosebud’s butt plug, to the Aloe by Discoh (which looks more like the plant then a long thin dildo, which is what it is) and those oh-so-colorful VI-BO couple’s vibrators by Tenga, design, color, functionality captures desire here perfectly.

Then there are the interviews in the book, with such sex biz notables as Crave’s co-founder and designer Ti Chang, Mona Darling, mommy blogger and dominatrix, and SexShop3D founder Thomas Sancelot; the book’s introduction is by Carol Queen, PhD. Author/Good Vibrations Staff Sexologist and curator of the Antique Vibrator Museum. And we even get a mention in the back “Resources” section under Centers & Museums. Not to be forgotten in this celebration of design of products we so desire, is the chock-full Fashion and Jewelry section where Dawn Mostow of Dawnamatrix Latex Designs (among others) shows and explains her wares.

As Dawn says of “Objects” and her placement of latex couture in it:

“Objects of Desire is a testament to the contemporary outlook on sexuality in combination with society’s demand for high design.  Having satisfied the basic purpose of such products, as designers we can now focus on refining them.  Whereas in the past, latex clothing was limited to the BDSM subculture, we are pleased to represent the high fashion market with luxury latex couture.  ”

There are fun swirly layouts here, sumptuous centerfold-like pictures, comely models showing products, ladies wearing latex, displays of wooden dildos, whips and a model slipping on a ring that really doubles as a…

Well you get the idea.

This quote from Rita Catinella Orrell really sums up perfectly what the book is really about:

“We hope that Objects of Desire serves as an inspiration to product designers as well as consumers. The over 100 beautiful products featured in the book represent an incredible array of talent — from industrial designers to craftspeople — who help bring a little more pleasure into our lives.”

Desires, objects and pleasure…could we ask for anything more?


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