Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe

Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe

In yet another example of an ancient functional artifact created with an erotic
‘theme,’ we have on display at the EHM a Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe. Made
of bamboo with a clay pipe bowl, the pipe here reveals a couple in the “69”
position; the female’s head towards the pipe, the male’s head towards the bowl. A
tan stone is embedded right before the bowl, at the front of the bowl, there is a blue
and white stone. A delicate decorative marvel as well as quite an erotic piece,
again here is another example from the deep well of ancient artifacts that speak to
human sexuality.

As we have seen in plenty of these pieces, Peruvian Pottery depicts lots of hetero
mouth-to-genital stimulation, with female-to-male fellatio the kind of oral
stimulation most portrayed. Kissing, fondling, masturbation (though never female
masturbation), intercourse, even birthing scenes are common to these pieces of
pottery or water vessels, pipes, and bowls. Peruvians are also fond, as many
cultures are, of copulating animal scenes and of human females ‘becoming
intimate’ with mythical animals, animals in ancient culture often part of a religious
rite. The eroticism found in the images and carvings from this time and place run
the gambit, of both the religious and secular, with the form and function of the
pottery and other items unearthed through the years just as varied.

One might argue that the history of smoking in the human race could be seen as
essential as our desire for exploring the pleasures of our flesh. And we tend to
forget the communal accord nurtured by smoking in ancient times and even the
civilization-building business of tobacco production.

The Erotic Heritage Museum’s Peruvian Erotic Smoking Pipe might remind one
of two very pleasurable activities, and how one is almost all but taboo in modern
times; the other, one we still have not tired of or have yet to truly understand.

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