Clare O Hagan: The EHM’s Summer Featured Artist

Clare O Hagan: The EHM’s Summer Featured Artist

The Erotic Heritage Museum has selected Clare O Hagan as its Summer Featured
Artist. O Hagan’s latest exhibition, “Embracing Women,” will be exhibited in the
Erotic Heritage Museum’s lobby library now through the end of August. The
museum couldn’t be happier bringing this important visual artist into Las Vegas
for the summer.

O Hagan created her “Embracing Women” series of drawing and prints over the
past two decades. These fifty pieces, celebrating female eroticism, female
empowerment, and same-sex intimacy are based on life drawing studies, as seen
through the lens of this artist’s feminism. As well as exploring the female
experience in her art, O Hagan is also examining the notions of sensuality and
desire, sans self-censorship.

Unfettered sex positive explorations and expression is certainly what the EHM is
all about.

Irish-born O Hagan is an award-winning visual artist and filmmaker living in
London. She creates and produces art projects, revealing the complex aspects of
the human condition, working in a wide variety of media. From printmaking,
drawing, altered art, still photography, film, moving image, and textiles, Clare O
Hagan tackles the issues that concern us all, seen through her unique and highly
acute sensibilities and talent.

O Hagan’s in-house lobby library showing expands on the entire ethos of the
regular exhibits the 24,000 square feet the Erotic Heritage Museum houses at any
one time. Our artwork, multi-media displays, and artifacts explore a wide variety
of sexual expression and sex-positive education, build from many media and
exploring many different ideas…just like what Clare O Hagan creates.

The marriage of what the EHM does and what Clare O Hagan creates couldn’t be

In addition to the live exhibition, “Embracing Women” is also available as an
ebook for both Mac and PC, as well as a print edition. For more information, click
here (http://www.blurb.com/b/8753359-embracing-women).

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