Fithian Collection of Artifacts

Fithian Collection of Artifacts

The EHM Fithian Exhibit is another of our startling sexy, artistically pleasing
and richly educational displays. Among the many items we are revealing here are
Ancient Chinese Dildos, Bacculums, Penis Sheaths, called “Koteka,” and stone
folk art Sensual Sculptures from China.

All are unique, hardly-ever- seen pieces speaking to the wonderful grace and
diversity of human sexuality.

The Ancient Chinese Dildos are made of marble, jade, and stone, hand carved from
the Shang Dynasty. Dating from between 1500-1000bce. Historians have suggested
from studying the smooth shape and size of these pieces that they were indeed

A bacculum is a penis bone, which many mammals-though not humans-have to
keep the penis erect for the job before it. These and more will be available to view
in our Evolution of Human Sexuality exhibit.

The Penis Sheaths-“Koteka”- are a particularly interesting item. Many tribes and
cultures across the world have been shown to wear a genitali covering. Presently
individual groups make sheaths, often from hollowed-out gourds, to wear for ritual
and ceremony events, with some tribes wearing them as a form of daily covering
even to this day.

What we exhibit of our Sensual Sculptures are some of the earliest representations
of pornography we have in the collection. These hand-carved stone items, in many
cases depicting figures in sexual positions, were created during the Ming Dynasty
as well. Revealing Chinese society’s diverse and open-minded view of human
behavior, these pieces are true folk art gems.

As always with an Erotic Heritage Museum exhibit, the purpose of sharing these
pieces is to give an honest view into human sexual behavior, in this particular case,
quite early human sexual behavior. As we make clear, the items of our Fithian
Exhibit are not just decorative-although many are indeed beautiful-and reveal
quite an evolved sex-positive approach to human interaction, though ancient, we
can all still learn from.

Contributors: Mircalla McNeely, Ralph G. & Dr. Victoria

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