10 Years of Scholarly & Artistic Sexplorations!

10 Years of Scholarly & Artistic Sexplorations!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and for the past decade, time has been flying at The Erotic Heritage Museum. Celebrating our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY in 2018 we can report with no fear of contradiction that we’ve had so much fun with the thousands of visitors who have walked through our doors. Along with the fun, we have sprinkled in a healthy amount of community activism and outreach, entertainment and events, and always a goodly amount of education to better the lives and times of the people who live in Las Vegas as well as the many many visitors who come to us to explore sexual positivity.

We invite you to celebrate this milestone with us, as without you there would be no Erotic Heritage Museum. Here’s to marching into 2018, another decade and beyond, and to forever exploring those naughty and empowering adventures that truly make us human.

We will have special monthly events and an anniversary party in August! Stay tuned for more!!

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