Do Celebrity Sex Tapes Still Sell?

Do Celebrity Sex Tapes Still Sell?

Celebrating The Big Sex Tape Anniversary With Vivid and Kim Kardashian

Given the proliferation of our brightest and best Instagram-ing nearly (and in some cases completely) naked pictures of themselves on a regular basis, one would think the public appetite for the quaint celebrity sex tape of yore would be dwindling.

According to Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, such is not the case.

“We don’t see any loss of appetite for celebrity sex tapes,” he advises.

With this month marking the 10th anniversary of Vivid’s Kim Kardashian’s infamous Kim Kardashian Superstar tape, one wonders if indeed this kind of ‘reality’ porn won’t always be on the best-seller downloadable list.

“Based on our experience, there have been two types of celebrity sex tapes.” Mr. Hirsch says. “There are the ones that get lost by the parties involved and are found by a ‘third party’ who brings them to Vivid and there are the celebrities that contact us because they want to make a sex tape.”

Sites like Reddit and others have come under strict scrutiny and even legal injunctions when showing ill-gotten ‘booty.’ The hacking of celebrity cloud accounts and the posting of naked pictures from private collections seemed to be an everyday occurrence just a few years back. But with the sex tapes his company releases (and to be sure Vivid is not the only company to get their hands on this kind of reality pornography) Hirsch claims that Vivid remains “legally comfortable” to distribute any tape they have sold so far.

From Vivid’s first outing in this field, their Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore, Uncensored & Uncut, released in 1998 until now, Hirsch offers a subjective insight on what makes a ‘good’ sex tape

“It depends on many variables,” he says. “Is the celebrity high profile?  Does she/he particularly appeal to you? Do you think the screen sex is a turn on?”

Evidently enough people are still thinking celebrity sex tapes are indeed a turn on.

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