Alt Sex Now!!

Alt Sex Now!!

Alt Sex Now!

The 2nd annual AltSex NYC Conference (see here: http://altsexnycconference.org/)
is being held on April 28 th in NYC…and in the nick of time! Seeing as we are all
questioning just what the new administration will do in regards to non-hetero folks,
or those not identifying with the biology they were born with (to air the least of our
worries), the frank exploration and discussion of who we are is of tantamount
importance. To paraphrase the Bard “There are just too many gewy wonderful
layers when it comes to human sexuality, Horatio, than are dreamt of in any one
person’s possibility.”

Why not consider all those possibilities?

Just look at what the super popular Suicide Girls brand explores (see here:
https://www.suicidegirls.com/ Here we have women of a wide variety of body
type, style, and sexuality, displaying their comely wares in performances like their
upcoming Blackheart Burlesque shows and their sold out Peek-A- Boo
performances of last year. Modern day feminism and sexuality, hetero/homo and
pretty much any which way, displayed in just the precise way these ladies wish to
display what they want displayed.

With alternate fashions, news, music, sexuality becoming ever more realized in the
world, has the naked ape evolved to the point that even if one isn’t pushing against
heterosexuality or convention, society is becoming aware that there are other ways
of doing things? And awareness leads to acceptance (or at least tolerance), and
really that’s all any of us can ask, no matter what it is we are asking.

One might do well to remember that not so far back in our most recent history, the
Beat Generation presented not only well-to- the-side- of-the- norm in literature and
substance imbibing they also explored and wrote about alternative forms of
sexuality. And we all know fully well non-vanilla, non-hetero forms of intimacy
have been expressed (though unfortunately too many times also prosecuted)
throughout history.

Maybe the day will come when we don’t even need to use the term ‘alternative’ at
all to describe all that wonderful gewyness that we are.




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