What Girls Are Made OF

What Girls Are Made OF

What Girls Are Made Of

One wonders how the laws of legal prostitution in parts of Nevada (and across the world) might play on the recently opened Lumidolla brothel in Barcelona. The first pleasure spot featuring exclusively (and only) silicone sex dolls, customers can rendezvous with four different types (or should the word “models” be used here), named Katy, Leiza, Lily and Aki, respectively. The 90-pound ladies of Lumidolla are made of thermoplastic elastomer and offer customers three ‘functional’ orifices. Clothing and scenery can be changed to fit a customer’s particular tastes, within reason, and the dolls are said to be always at the ready.

“They are totally realistic dolls both in their movements and in their ‘feel,’ and they will allow you to fulfill all your fantasies without limits,” the Lumi website (http://www.lumidolls.com/) promises.

The cost for a visit?

One hour with one lady costs €120 (approx. U.S. $126/£103); 90-minutes runs to €150, and two hours with a silicone escort runs about €175. The Lumidolla workers (or should the word ‘receptacle’ be used here?) also are available for threesomes, for an additional fee of course. Included in the room with the doll are huge plasma televisions for customers to enjoy pornography and also music to set the mood.

Though each doll is disinfected between client visits, still condoms and lube are recommended by the management of Lumidolla.

Up until now, high-end sex dolls have been available on the market for the customer with over $5000.00 dollars to spend. This unique Spanish brothel is the first of its kind to rent out these dolls. Speculation on technology furthering the abilities of sex dolls and other robotic-pleasure has been the very stuff of recent conventions as Teledildonics, Haptic technology and A.I. are explored by seemingly every new pleasure company appearing on the global market place.

Westworld may indeed be upon us.

It has also been noted by quite many sources that Lumidolla opened just as the Mobile World Congress conference “one of the largest annual events on the mobile technology industry,” began.

Photocredit: Real Doll



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