Cher: Feminism In the Face Of Strutting

Cher: Feminism In the Face Of Strutting

There exists a fine line between exploitation and pop performance. Especially for
modern day divas-the Katy Perry’s of the world creating Grand Guignol video
odes to cannibalism, Nicki Minaj seemingly augmenting and expanding her body
parts weekly, nude dress fashion and models skin-tastic Instagram shots rolling
across our web in a weekly tsunami-the way is treacherous trying to maintain
‘street cred,’ while championing feminism.

The one lady who seems to have done it right from the beginning and proved she
can still do it (as recently at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards) is Cher.

Not having performed on an award show stage in fifteen years, considered one of
the ‘old guard’ of lady pop singers, having indeed made way for the new guard of
divas, it came as quite a shock when Cher hit the stage at the T-Mobile Arena May
21st . But then again, when one considers what this particular lady has
accomplished in her long career, it’s no surprise to see Cher strutting in two super
sexy outfits, commanding a stage, and looking fit, fine and fully in charge of
herself at 71.

Post Cher’s performance Good Housekeeping published a “What Cher Actually
Eats in a Day to Stay So Unbelievably Fit story
(http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/a44341/what- cher-eats-
in-a- day/). But this is a woman who has been acutely aware of her image and
cultivating it even before the days she was appearing in videos straddling an
aircraft career’s cannon and showing of her butt cheek rose tattoo. In fact, one
forgets that Cher, the teenage bride and half of a successful 60’s pop duo with
husband Sonny Bono, not only divorced Sonny, had her own successful music
career, but appeared in different variety-hour T.V. shows, when married to Sonny,
when divorced from him, and then on her own.

The “Goddess of Pop” has had successful runs on Broadway and even won a Best
Actress Oscar. And the other night Cher commanded a stage exploiting her
femininity to the fullest in exactly the way she always has…on her terms.

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