Sex In Space Short Film Casting Call

Sex In Space Short Film Casting Call

The ​Sex in Space exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum is about to get even sexier!

The Sex in Space Exhibit is getting an upgrade! We are adding a fully interactive, immersive trip into space! A ride up and through the atmosphere into our upgraded space ship!

As a part of this upgrade we are producing our very own erotic sci-fi short film.

We have hired one of the best 3D environment CGI studios in Las Vegas – Jet Set Studios.

Filming will take place over three days beginning June 28th at noon. Day one will feature the orgy scene in our custom designed space ship at Jet Set’s sound stage. This film production is softcore.

Shoot Day One: JUNE 28th, On location Jet Set Sound Studios, 12pm to 12am
Some of Jet Set Sounds work, both musical and filmography:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDd4Aq0jsN4 – Grammy Nominated 2013 Butown Entertainment/SSMG/Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group Distribution
As you can see, they ooze eroticism, creativity and musical talent. They are perfect for this project. 🙂
The PG rated version will be available publicly on YouTube etc. The R rated version will be available in the Museum and for our exclusive members on Patreon only. If you would like to participate in the video incognito, please let us know so we can obscure your face and any defining body markings with CGI effects. Your name will not be included in the credits.
If you are unable to participate but know anyone who might want to be a part of the fantastic project, please pass on this Casting Call!
Please add your name to the list of talent by June 15th, 2017.
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