Florence Schechter’s Vagina Museum

Florence Schechter’s Vagina Museum

Florence Schechter’s Vagina Museum (coming soon)

Florence Schechter claims, “there’s no place dedicated to the female anatomy,” and
she has certainly set out to change that fact. The U.K. lady is calling for
contributions/patrons and attention for the first museum she hopes to build
dedicated to the vagina.

Florence’s plans for the museum, hopefully located in England because, as she
says, “if it were in another country I would have no idea where to start as I have no
contacts elsewhere nor know anything about law or taxes in other countries,” will
host free exhibits exploring the history, science and culture of vaginas, as well as
hold feminist comedy nights/plays/concerts and workshops. Her imagined museum
will also support a vagina-themed café and a gift shop. Lastly, Florence wants her
museum to host outreach to the community at large on women’s issues.

A science communicator by trade with a Bsc in Biochemistry from the University
of Birmingham, UK , Schechter currently enjoys over 900,000 views for her
Youtube channel. When conducting research a few years ago for a video she was
creating called, “Top 10 Animal Vaginas,” a companion piece to a video Schechter
had made about penises, she found it increasing difficult to get info on vaginas.

She found a penis museum in Iceland, yet no brick-and- mortar vagina museum
(there is a virtual one, though.) One can avail themselves of traveling art pieces
dedicated and celebrating female genitalia-the “Great Wall of Vagina” for
instance-and smaller exhibits have been revealed at MOMA in New York City and
the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. And of course the EHM does its
part. But as Schechter says, “There is no physical space wholly dedicated to the
vagina and the people who have them.”

Of course any foray like this-as the EHM sees time and again-is met with as much
championing as criticism. As Schechter says “Yes, there is a certain amount of
backlash but overall the reactions have been more supportive than negative which
is heartening. I think it is important to have criticisms as it forces you to reflect and

Patron levels for contributors to the museum (see here:
https://www.patreon.com/vaginamuseum ) aptly named “Spectacular Cervix,”
“Euphoric Uterus” and the top level “Egg-static Ovaries,” include rewards like
private access to live streaming events, free tickets to live events and behind-the-
scenes photos…plus a whole lot more. And as there is yet no physical space for the
museum, artists are welcome to submit pieces here digitally:


Those chosen will be featured presently on Instagram.
As Florence notes, “The Eve Appeal, UK gynae cancer charity recently found that
only half of young women in Florence’s home country could locate a vagina on a

The time seems perfect for the science, culture, study and community Florence
Schechter’s Vagina Museum would bring about.

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