Academia’s Thought Police Already Have Your Kids’ Minds

Academia’s Thought Police Already Have Your Kids’ Minds

If you happen to be out in the work force, retired or not old enough (or in some cases not rich enough) to attend college, you might not be so aware of what actually is occurring on college campuses across the U.S; specifically the growing influence of academia’s thought police.

Seemingly hiding behind the guise of fairness in language, groups like The Inclusive Language Campaign (see here) perpetuate campus-wide attention to inclusive details, mostly through words they want used, and those they do not. But as with all political correctness monitored and furthered by rampant social media, this kind of activism can easy bleed into a thought police mentality.

Critics as much cite posters put out by the ILC, as instances where they lay the heavy hand of political correctness across certain religious expressions on campus, all in an attempt not to offend anyone. If the ILC and other groups like it are in fact excising hate speech, certain words, using inclusion in anyway on a college campus-the one place where people come to learn, study and express themselves freely-then they are doing damage that might very well be irreparable.

Once could have young kids in college right now who are not even aware of the influence of modern academia thought police simply because a certain generation of kids have grown up already indoctrinated by politically correct tactics disguised as modern college modes of decorum.

Surely, there is no ignoring the back-to-back fashion show/carnival/Nuremberg-like rally displays that were both The Democratic National Convention and The Republican National Convention. No matter your age or economic circumstance, the past weeks were all about Trump and Clinton and the people who as much support them as those against (even within their own party). But consider the generation who are now coming of the age to vote-for either Hillary or Donald-young people about to shape the future of this country with their decisions. One wonders how truly informed are they if groups like the ILC have such an influence across our college campuses as they seem to have.

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