The 5 Steps For Keeping Your Sex Life Private In The Digital Age…If You want To Keep It Private

From Ashley Madison’s recent hacking, to Instagram refusing to post pics from The 32nd Annual Folsom Street Fair, one needs consider the ‘intrusion’ of the digital into our private lives; and if one hasn’t considered it before, one should be considering it now!

That’s the thing with the net, it presents a ‘what’s-happening-right-now’ conundrum. We as much have to consider the latest technologies in how we disseminate naughty (any kind of) information, as much as what tools do others have at their disposal to grab that information. We as much see countless celebrities besieged and bedeviled via their seemingly personal accounts, salary amounts and intimate pics stolen, as we do personal facts uploaded all the time to Facebook, but we all seem to forget some basic salient steps to protect the privacy of our sex lives in this new world order.

The 5 steps for keeping your sex life private in the digital age…if you want to keep it private, are:

  • Don’t upload any pics or video if you don’t want to court the possibility of public exposure via the net.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be in public situations-even a so called private get together-if you don’t want to court the possibility of public exposure via the net.
  • Don’t join a dating/affair site unless you don’t want to court the possibility of public exposure via the net.
  • Vet the people you play/have an affair/with and/or date from online (or from anywhere really) as best you can.
  • The online world might not technically be the real world, but for some folks it is pretty damn close.

The ‘public exposure’ point of steps 1-3 is simply the caution to consider that whenever you put something salacious about yourself online, or get drunk in even a semi-public space, you can be ‘outed.’  Be thankful you are not a public figure and people are not dying to get you in a Mel Gibson moment, or looking to steal your nuddie pics from your iCloud account. Point 4 should be obvious, as much for avoiding Craig List serial killers as to who you let take video of you in a compromising moment or position. Point 5 is a hard lesson to remember, but it is true. Civility (like someone shooting your obligatory Mel Gibson party moment?) and full disclosure don’t apply when we route around online paying for porn with a credit card, getting up on Tinder, or assume that the person we have only (and will only ever) chat with does not consider our online affair real.

Step ever so cautiously intrepid explorer if you wish to keep your sex life private in our brave new world.


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