Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy: Freeing Ourselves From A Ruling Class

Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy: Freeing Ourselves From A Ruling Class

Patriarchy & matriarchy, two sides of the same coin? A dominant male-centered approach to life verses a woman-centered ultra-fem dynamic; does either work really for the everyday guy or gal trying to get along, alone or with a partner, in work, relationships…life in general? Can such a gender-specific worldview be applied to the world in general when these days families can be created and healthily maintained by polysexual couples and some people don’t even identify with a specific gender? When men and women flip roles as much in bed as they do in the family dynamic?

It seems rigid constructs based on such outmoded models need be felled through evolution. Or should they be?

Is it still beneficial for us to consider that which has typically been thought of as male and that female? Is it best we have some bearing on our past as we create new paradigms so we can sail out further across the sea of discovery; the George Santayana quote ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ certainly comes to mind here. And in the end, isn’t freeing oneself of age-old constructs, felling assumptions, poking holes in the fabric of a cloying cloak of the past the rally cry of each new generation?

It really is when a world view (and any world view for that matter) becomes a system of government, law, household rules or the actually ruling class that things can get dicey. Some see it as new government ‘tolerance,’ others as a most-even dangerous-invite having The Holy See, Pope Francis speak in front of Congress. No matter how tolerant a dude he seems to be, it should be considered quite curious what religion was doing so close to American government. And though the Pope himself has said: “A good Catholic meddles in politics” ironically both sides of the political isle benefitted from Francis’s appearance, as the “Big Poppa” as has much voiced specific feelings agreeing with Global Warming findings, yet represents a doctrine opposed to gay marriage and abortion.

(see this article on the Pope as political football: http://thehill.com/homenews/news/254274-gop-braces-for-pope-francis)

And talk about Patriarchy, could we get a better example other than a Pope?

As in all things the best for a wide populace is an approach, laws, world view that exists someplace in the grey area (or at least allows for them) where all world views are considered and accepted if they do not hinder the freedoms of another. A ‘ruling class’ if we care to call it that, elected by equal fair voting (be there such a thing) using transparent considerations would make sure that the balance between Patriarchy & Matriarchy-or any and all viewpoints-would always be equally considered and expressed.

Ah, for a perfect world.

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