Yes, We All Do It

Yes, We All Do It

By now nobody in their right mind is denying it…right? Men, women, even children well before they know what exactly they are doing or can illicit any true physical response, we’re all members of the band of the hand (or whatever else you use); we all masturbate. But don’t worry, there’s help for us all, even for those of us who don’t really need any. Nicholas Tana’s new documentary “Sticky: A (Self) Love Story.” Will teach you everything you want to know about our most favorite solo hobby.

We’re lucky enough to be screening the film on 5/25 at pm (see here). But it will make its way around the country until the end of May (masturbation month). From here who knows how much national or even international attention Tana’s first feature length might stimulate, seeing as the subject is near and dear to us all.

Ending both the “shame and blame of the act” is what Tana told Xbiz, he is most after with this film that tackles self-love from almost every perspective you can think of. If your morals get singed by the act, Tana tackles that dilemma. Looking for a historical perspective on ‘rubbing one out’ “Sticky” gives you one. Want some trying medical question answered, then this is the film to find answers from.

Tana spent close to ten years amassing interviews with nearly sixty people. Educators, lawmakers, religious teachers, so many men and women from so many walks of life, sharing and also opposing views, regarding masturbation as harmless as much as detrimental; you will walk away from Sticky: A (Self) Love Story with all there ever was to think/learn and maybe even try when it comes to masturbation.

A censored version of Sticky: A (Self) Love Story is available for iTunes, VUDU and Vimeo. And beyond the specific screening like ours, the movie is presently available at AMAZON.COM

Go here for more info for the movie StickyTheMovie.com and once again here for more info about it showing at The Erotic Heritage Museum next week. Keep in mind we have several guest speaker for the event: Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn and Lynn Comella, Professor at UNLV. Also present will be the producer and co-producer.

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