Who Are We Crushin’ On Today?

Who Are We Crushin’ On Today?

Who We’re Crushin’ On: Olympic Swimmers, Kardashians and the ever present Slick Willy Silver Fox

When TMZ is running a side by side shirtless comparison of male 2016 Olympic
swimmers, those guys can just about bet they have arrived in the libido of many
around the world. When you have enough cultural juice to create a reality T.V.
show competition around your app business, you certainly can assume you have
quite the app business. When time and again you are voted one of the sexiest men
in politics, even though you have grown well beyond the years when you were
most vital, not to mention well past your Presidency, even your most violent
opponents need admit you are a force to be reckoned with.

And all that power and popularity makes one sexy, worthy of worldwide crushes,
men and women who are considered attractive by the world at large.

Of course our crushes change every day. New Youtube sensations, reality T.V.
housewives, sports stars who grab the gold today and not much else ever again,
come and go all too quickly in our public consciousness; we do live in a blistering
fast media shock world. But crushes by their very definition are not meant to last,
they are made from the stuff of pop culture, mercurial and transitory, they are
cotton candy sweetness for the libido at best. We might not soon forget Michael
Phelps or his fellow swim teammate Ryan Lochte, but their presences won’t loom
as large after a time. We shall place Kim Kardashian West back into the fabric of
our everyday life, no matter how popular her new show is, regardless of where her
beauty apps take us in the future. And no matter what happens to Mrs. Clinton’s
career, we all know Bill is around someplace looking for a cigar.

Simply put, who we are crushing on today won’t be who we are crushing on

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