Anthony Weiner…Again?

Anthony Weiner…Again?

Anthony Weiner…Again?

This might be addiction, a sickness, or a cry for attention (or all 3) but there is no

ignoring now what Anthony Winer is doing with his namesake. Too many times

we have wondered over men of high profile and power ‘wielding’ themselves

every which way, getting caught time and again, but still engaging in activities that

bring them, their office, their families and now even a Presidential campaign


It’s one thing to have an itchy Twitter finger, but this?

Once again Anthony Weiner was caught sending naughty pictures and messages

across social media, something he was caught doing in 2011 and 2013. This time,

his wife, Huma Abedin, an actual aid/confidant to Democratic Presidential

Nominee Hillary Clinton, is reacting by requesting a separation. Opponents for

Hillary are quick to jump on the close association of Abedin to the

campaign/Hillary-Trump trumpeted how ‘national security was in jeopardy over it

all, and Abedin was a major player in Clinton’s classified info controversies this

past summer-and with these new pictures revealed by The New York Post, a

decidedly conservative newspaper, there’s no mistaking the end game of the new

Weiner outtings. But the true point of this is less Weiner’s fall-out with his

marriage-truly nobody’s business but his and his wife’s-criticism of Huma, and by

extension Hillary ‘standing by their man’ in the face of public humiliations, but

how pervasive it seems Weiner, et al. need to show off is.

In the U.S. our Puritan-based public morality is all too easily pricked. Extra marital

curricular activity, nudity, any and all salacious mechanizations are always looked

down upon. But in Weiner’s case, or a Bill Clinton who had his stolen moments

with Monica Lewinsky in The White House, one wonders really, what are these

men thinking? Can they not just help themselves? Do they not realize that

whatever we put out onto the web, across social media, has the potential to be seen,

time and again, by the public?

Once again, it is less the actual activity that a Weiner (or a Bill Clinton) seem

compelled to, and more the question of where and how sloppily they do it-and too

often they get caught-that makes one simply question their smarts.

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