Ulorin Vex: “Erotic Nightmares” @The Erotic Heritage Museum Sept. 6th

Ulorin Vex: “Erotic Nightmares” @The Erotic Heritage Museum Sept. 6th

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“Christiane Shillito is a woman with many different layers. Widely recognized as veteran fetish and art nude model Ulorin Vex, she is also Malady Charlotina the artist and painter with a BSc (hons) degree in Biology. All three incarnations are reflected in her artworks, which depict beautiful but slightly sinister characters often interacting with some element of nature, whether it be based in reality or part of a more imagined personal mythology.

Her fascination with highly stylized figures and dramatic gestures is influenced by a decade of nude modeling. While many of her paintings use other models and adult performers she has worked with or admired during her modeling career, the majority are self portrait pieces depicting various alter-egos engaging in scenarios inspired by her own fetishes, fantasies and personal experiences. 

Vex is an enthusiastic advocate of sex positivity and Erotic Nightmares is a playful and very personal exploration into facing and overcoming the fear of being shamed for desiring sex and being a sexual being.”

Ulorin Vex will be featured in our Main Gallery Beginning September 4th. Opening Gala is September 4th at 7pm. Come and celebrate this artists unique creativity at the Erotic Heritage Museum.

702 794-4000 for more info.

To check out more work from Ulorin Vex, visit: http://www.ulorinvex.com/



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