Verner deGray Photography Exhibition @The Erotic Heritage Museum Sept. 10th

About Verner deGray: A native of a small village of Picardy, Verner known amateur photography by his mother. He recalls the pictures of plants and landscapes she photographed. Then in the 80s he discovered David Hamilton, whom he says, “It was a great discovery. I like his work. I respect him. For those reasons I […]

Ulorin Vex: “Erotic Nightmares” @The Erotic Heritage Museum Sept. 6th

    “Christiane Shillito is a woman with many different layers. Widely recognized as veteran fetish and art nude model Ulorin Vex, she is also Malady Charlotina the artist and painter with a BSc (hons) degree in Biology. All three incarnations are reflected in her artworks, which depict beautiful but slightly sinister characters often interacting […]

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