The Sexy Side of Politics with Mary Carey

The Sexy Side of Politics with Mary Carey

When one considers the Barnum and Bailey-like atmosphere of our current pre-election brouhaha (on both sides of the political spectrum), media bombardment from political pundits, and just the sheer volume of ‘interesting’ personalities presented us it comes as a fresh of breath air to get a clear, sassy, matter-of-fact honest opinion on what’s happening in the current Presidential scene. Ex porn star, featured dancer, actress, radio show host and 2003 gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey offers her take on what we are all suffering through during her Happy Hour radio show’s new “The Sexy Side of Politics” segment playing currently on www.VividRadio.com and on the SiriusXM app channel 791, 12-1pm PT Tuesdays.

The new segment, which debuted during the first week of the New Year, speaks to an interest Carey claims she has always had.

“My interests in politics goes all the way back to when I was vice president for my student council in school,” she says. “And in two thousand and three I ran for governor of California and since I have been to plenty of political dinners, been around politicians…and as always speak my mind about these matters, why hold back now?”

Hosting an hour on the SiriusXM network, Mary’s show as much sees her interviewing current porn stars, as taking good natured jabs at the current social scene. When one considers the Harvey Milk quote: “Politics is theater” why not get a take on who is a responsible political candidate…as who is sexy?

“My top three sexy pics for the republications would be, from last to first, Rubio, Carson and Trump…and of course a threesome with Hillary and Bill would be fantastic,” Mary offers.

For an ex-porn star who still manages lots of featured dancing, hosts a weekly show on SiriusXM and appears in Cinemax/H.B.O. Go fare, as well as in mainstream T.V. shows (Mary just appeared in a recent episode of the CW hit “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) there is so much happening to keep a firecracker like Mary Carey busy.

God knows she will endeavor to keep us all informed as the political race heats up.

Mary Carey’s “Happy Hour” can be found on SirusXM app channel 791 or by going here: Vivid Entertainment


– Ralph Greco

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