Sexual Free Speech and Your Next President

Sexual Free Speech and Your Next President

We all might not be in for such a good time in the next four years, regardless who gets into that big white house. Surely, what seems to be on most people’s minds is foreign policy, the economy, but what of our sexual free speech? How will that be effected, even legislated against, with who gets in?

Firebrand Donald Trump, who hasn’t yet (nor will he ever probably) have any compunction about speaking his mind, might just have something to say about you speaking yours, if what you say he disagrees with it (and especially if he’s in a position to wield the law of the land.) He’s already come out against Planned Parenthood federal funding, how might The Donald feel when he faces someone or a group of someone’s espousing a sexual agenda he can’t just ‘fire’?

Would Jeb Bush, obviously interested in furthering a Judeo-Christian political pov come to legislate against, or at the very least delay, the rights of any sexual expression not in keeping with Bible teachings?

Although Bernie Sanders just said at the Black and Brown Forum, that we need a “national conversation about sexuality” in regard to sexual education, can we really know how his obvious socialist agenda will influence his potential law making or Supreme Court Justice appointing? As far as where a President Sanders might stand for-or against-sexual free speech, is it too much of a jump to assume the Vermont governor’s ‘what’s-best-for-all’ socialist agenda might, in some cases and over time, override specific individual’s rights?

And what of Bill’s lady? According to Hillary Clinton’s Living History memoir she was “dumbfounded, heartbroken and outraged” over Monica Lewinsky and just recently she issued an infamous: “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported…” tweet. But Hillary did not get so much behind Bill’s various accusers back in the day-Juanita Broderick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willy-over their supposed affairs with Slick Willy. In fact, ‘team Clinton’ -which damn well included H.C.-lambasted these accusers; so much for every survivor of sexual assault needing to be “believed” or “supported.”

Like not raising taxes, or Obama’s refrain of bringing transparency to government, we see all too often what policies a politician says or even puts into play prior to their Presidency often not making it to the oval office. Really, who can say what anyone of our potential POTUS’s will do about our sexual freedoms if elected?

Be ever aware.


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