Sexuality in the Age of Global Warming

Sexuality in the Age of Global Warming

Have you ever considered the heavy and hard carbon footprint you create just going on an everyday regular run-of-the-mill-date? How are you getting to a fro, wasting and burning gas in your car? How much water did you use taking a shower? How many planet-killing compounds are stored in your perfumes and unction? How about all that food that won’t be eaten when you order or try to eat that meal to impress?

And don’t even begin to consider the personal ecological disaster birthed from you and yours having sex! Lube, batteries, condoms, they are all made someplace and don’t all break down all that well after use. And after you exhaust yourselves with your ten minutes of fun, really what will you have left over to contribute to the planet?

Oh, our great mother Earth is doomed because of your sociability.

All joking aside, in the Age of Global Warming we might need to be worrying about things that seem trivial and even silly when it comes to the ways in which our dating/social-our sex life-will be hindered. Plenty of studies have been done to prove that couples simply do not make the ‘beast with the two backs’ as often in hot sticky weather as they do when things are of a more moderate temperature, or there is A.C. to battle the heat. And with global warming, as we have all been led to believe, could come much more then heat waves. When things get too damn hot, cold, stormy, whatever might we have lots more on our minds then getting down? The smallest of life’s pressures can send anyone of us off our lusts, just think what a world in crisis (or a world that admits it’s in crisis) might to do our natural urges.

It’s said man (and woman’s) need to propagate the species is a survival imperative rooted deep down into our DNA. That no matter what happens to terra firma we would always find a way to get down upon it to do the nasty. But none of us have any idea really how a global wide ecological disaster might affect humans-and human sexuality-when things get so bad we can no longer ignore what is happening to the Earth.

As we are out and about considering the fate of the polar ice caps, you might want to consider the state of your nookie.

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