Restraint and Revolution: The Art of Adare – August 4th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Restraint and Revolution: The Art of Adare – August 4th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

This exhibition runs 6 months in our LGBTIQ Gallery and begins August 1st!

Who is Adare?

Graduating the San Francisco Academy of Art University, then earning a full three year scholarship at the Temescal Atelier for Classical Realism under the esteemed living master David Hardy, whose dynamic use of color theory combined elements from his own tutors, Antonin Sterba and William H. Mosby of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Joseph Van der Brouk, graduate of the Royal Academy in Brussels.

During her time at the academy, Adare’s work was featured at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor for a Toulouse Lautrec retrospective. Adare began her Fine Art career as The Muse Studio, founding the annual Muse Showcase: A Celebration in Art and Music, in Berkeley, CA.

Struck by a municipal train in 2005, Adare spent the following years in physical rehabilitation, drawing with a pencil taped to her fingers, she discovered a bohemian harbor in Hawai’i where, she retaught her self how to paint. Studying Da Vinci’s notes, Bridgeman’s anatomy, Zorn’s lighting, Klimpt’s elegance, and Fechin’s unique ability to breathe life and motion into his portraits, she returned to the art scene.

in 2009. Taking off the body braces one by one, she reclaimed her health with her paintbrush. As such, Restraint & Revolution is Adare’s anticipated return to the art scene, immortalizing the amazing advocates, allies and friends she’s met along the way.

Fiercely unapologetic, Adare’s evocative realism blends classical oil portraiture with sensual expressionism to give movement to meticulous detail. Creating provocative educational art tours, Adare expands on her paintings with detailed biographies, thought provoking books (Restraint & Revolution: The Art of Adare Co-written by Alex Stitt), and emotive DVD documentaries.  

Adare spent two years (2013 – 2015) as a board member of the prestigious Hawai’i Museum of Contemporary Art where she was involved in showcasing such gallery events as Devin Mohr’s SehnsuchtThe Bod Mod Show and many others.  

Restraint & Revolution, her breakout compendium of work started it’s global tour in 2014 at the Prestigious Maui Arts & Cultural Center then off to the Bay area with a massive feat at American Steel’s Poplar gallery, All 32 paintings were featured along with belly dancers, fire performers, silk artists, whirling dervishes and so many more added to the life and complexity of these works, and she burnt a 3 x 4 ft. painting, this was to illuminate the topic of deconstruction in the art world.  And the Revolution is still going strong!

“I am moved and motivated by the essence of a person. There is an inherent nobility and strength in everyone and to paint this, the beauty of the life, the moment of stillness and internal reflection of the human spirit, to capture this is what catches my breath and makes me feel alive. It’s those moments of pure essence that pulls me to paint and reveal/unveil what is at the core of all of us.”

About the Image (not included in the exhibit):

Castro Madonna


Portrait of Sister Eve Volution

Oil, Metal Pigment & Nail Polish on Belgian Linen
Copyright Rose Adare 2012

Bursting out of the San Francisco gay scene circa 1979, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence began drawing attention to social issues via campy humor. With the impact of the AIDS epidemic, the Sisters became safe-sex advocates raising money for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community projects.

As a fabulous drag heroine of the Castro chapter, Sister Eve Volution heads up the Stop the Violence Campaign, working with the Castro Community On Patrol (CCOP) and the San Francisco Police Department to keep their community safe.

Recently, Sister Eve Volution began work on the Queer Refugee Committee, collaborating with relocation programs such as the Organization of Refugee Asylum (ORAM) to provide friendly homes for LGBT individuals escaping persecution in Africa and the Middle East.

“Ministering to other people can be just lending an ear when somebody needs an ear, or when somebody is under distress—just helping that person! It really is kind of interesting. There have been times when I’ve been out, and you’re sort of expected to become like a confessor. And I’ve had people come up and confess things to me, or just want to unload, and they really do look at you as this sort of spiritual, quasi-religious figure that won’t be judgmental—who will hopefully make them feel better—and they can look at something fabulous while they’re doing it.”

—Sister Eve Volution

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