Private Pornography in the Third Reich

Private Pornography in the Third Reich

The EHM has culled photographs, artifacts and other pieces of sexual or erotic
interest from various sources. What’s especially interesting is when we find
something of a salacious nature from a place or people known for sexual repression
or high religious standing. To see sexuality revealed in these instances is especially
important and often downright hypocritical to the stance taken by the source.
Such is the case with the glut of Nazi sexual material that has unearthed and some
of which we have displayed (see here: https://www.www.eroticmuseumvegas.com/sex-in- the-

In the new book, Private Pornography in the Third Reich readers are treated to
330 photographs taken from the private collection of the book’s author Hans von
Bockhain. Revealing just what was happening behind closed doors during modern
history’s most restrictive regimes these masters of propaganda were certainly
exploring their prurient appetites.

As with most photographic pornography, across the black and white pictures of
Private Pornography in the Third Reich we have an overabundance of the female
nudes and quite often, posed sadomasochistic scenes. It’s interesting to note, that
despite the SS ‘party line’ of building a superior Aryan race, the women (and even
the few men seen in the book) are of a diverse ethnicity.

As with so much of what learning institutions around the world have unearthed and
display, and certainly what we have seen time and again in sexual education, what
the human animal is ever so vociferous in condemning is often what that same
human wants to take to their bed. We see it all the time in seemingly stalwart
religious leaders exposed to have had a mistress (or two) or some politician-
regardless what side of the isle they are on-having to live down his or her extra-
curricular fetishes in the face of a campaign filled with fire-and- brimstone morality

Another in a long line of arresting visual delights from Berlin-based published
Goliath, Private Pornography in the Third Reich is in direct line to the ethos we
champion daily; exposing, studying and weighing in start context salacious
material for us all to better understand the world.

: https://www.goliathbooks.com/detail/index/sArticle/7.

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