Sex Robot / Sex Tech Talk with Dr. Neil McArthur March 21st @Erotic Heritage Museum

Have plans next Wednesday, March 21 in #LasVegas #Vegas? Stop by the Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum Las Vegas for an in-depth discussion with educator and philosopher Dr. Neil McArthur of, as he presents “From #PhoneSexto #RobotSex: The Crazy Past & Wild Future of #SexTech” from 6-7pm! Meet & greet to follow! To attend, you’ll just need a ticket to enter the […]

HUMP! Film Festival April 19th – 21st @ Erotic Heritage Museum

The HUMP! Film Festival has been bringing audiences a new kind of porn since 2005. The festival features short dirty movies—each less than five minutes—all created by people who aren’t porn stars but want to be one for a weekend. The filmmakers and stars show us what they think is hot and sexy, creative and […]

Gender in the Bedroom Talk with Dr. Alex Iantaffi April 21st @Erotic Heritage Museum

Gender is a complex biopsychosocial construct and also something that we do everyday. How does gender impact what happens in the bedroom, in relationships, during sex? In this talk, Alex Iantaffi, co-author of “How to Understand Your Gender: a Practical Guide for Exploring Who You Are”, sex therapist, podcast host, and educator addresses how gender […]

Private Pornography in the Third Reich

The EHM has culled photographs, artifacts and other pieces of sexual or erotic interest from various sources. What’s especially interesting is when we find something of a salacious nature from a place or people known for sexual repression or high religious standing. To see sexuality revealed in these instances is especially important and often downright […]

Peruvian-Moche Erotic Clay Vessels @ Erotic Heritage Museum

The Moche ruled the northern coast of Peru 2000 years ago. Though little recorded written account exists for these people, it is known they erected mud and brick pyramids, fashioned intricate aqueducts, and with an advanced skill with metallurgy created intricate jewelry and artifacts. Moche ceramics is especially held in high regard by archeologists, as […]

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