‘Older’ Age and Sex In The Modern Era

‘Older’ Age and Sex In The Modern Era

Erectile dysfunction, a lessening of natural lubrication, the consistent comparison of complexion and the ravages of gravity on our older bodies, vs. our younger; these are only a few concerns one might have when contemplating sex in one’s ‘mature’ years. By the time a person reaches their fourth decade some very noticeable changes, both physically as well as mentally, have taken place setting a new, sometimes weaker, blush to intimate encounters. But not all change is a hindrance and some, if we view change as growth, can indeed can make the sex better. And especially in this modern age, longer life expectancy and scientific advancements can help all us naked apes to enjoy sex well into our golden years.

First there are some set natural facts weighing on the positive side of the scale, but facts we can all too readily ignore when facing that aging face (and body) in the mirror.

 The onset of menopause all but eliminates the fear of pregnancy from intercourse.

 There should be some deeper knowledge about what we need physically and emotionally to reach better climaxes having reached them now for decades.

 Maybe, just maybe, our propensity for all that game playing, hoop jumping and ego affirming we all allowed and often needed in our teens and early twenties, just for the possibility of a little friction or insertion, can be jettison now that we’ve matured.

Surely what feeds our mindset are as much internal concerns as outside stimulus.

Just as we can’t ignore the actual physical restrictions that come with aging, there’s no denying that we live in a world culture that reveres youth. But in this world culture has also come some amazing scientific advances for the human condition.

Beyond cosmetic advancements that can make one look-and therefore feel- younger, modern drugs and surgeries can restore body function and prolong a healthy intimate life for us all. Yes, things might slow up a bit and there might be the need for some chemical enhancements, but generally our species is in a better state to enjoy sex than ever before, no matter one’s age.

‘Older’ age and sex can be ever the close bedfellows these days…if one wishes them to be.

R.G. with Dr. Victoria

Image Credit – Bust of Homer 2nd, Wikipedia Commons

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