HIV Over 50

HIV Over 50

There is certainly lots going on in the culture presently. The #MeToo movement, the constant,
seemingly daily changes in the U.S. Federal space, world-wide political, religious and cultural
unrest. Various minority voices enjoying a ‘voice’ like never before. The intrusion of technology
into our private places and the growth of V.R. So much happens around us daily it is as if an
idling motor is running under our very feet, so consistently thrumming that often we come to
take that idle for granted or work to ignore it.

For those not affected with HIV, we can easily take the disease’s idle in our modern life just as
much for granted.

According to the Center for Disease Control an estimated 1.1 million people in the U.S. were
living with HIV by the end of 2015 (the most recent year such information was calculated.) A
whopping 15% of those folks did not know they were infected. And while the CDC lists them,
and we all well know who the high-risk groups are, as much as we have all been educated about
high-risk behavior even if we are not part of one of those groups (the idling of life) there are
whole populations we don’t consider when it comes to HIV.

According to the CDC’s same gathering of stats of two years ago, people over 50 account for an
estimated 45% of Americans living with diagnosed HIV. Men and women in this age range of
course encounter the same risk factors as those younger but in many cases the over 50’s are less
aware of those risk actors. And older people are more likely to find out about their HIV status
during a later course of the disease.

The unpleasantries of life are something we all want to avoid, would rather not talk about or even
imagine. It’s unfortunate that HIV did become part of the modern world, but as with everything
else, ignoring something will not make it go away.

No matter your age the engine idles below us all equally.

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