EHM Sex Science Show Baking Naked Goes Big

EHM Sex Science Show Baking Naked Goes Big

Baking Naked started as a discussion between two scholars about how much they like to bake, how much they love studying the sexual sciences, and how much they love bringing solid information to the public. After a year of a production, not only has the EHM – sponsored show wrapped an entire season (12 episodes) successfully, but is about to go mainstream!

With the unrivaled skills of Emmy award winning producer Billy Ward, Baking Naked is in negotiation with international distributors, and a second season!

UNLV Professor Joshua Corum & EHM Executive Director Victoria Hartmann, Ph.D. stir ingredients, talk sexuality and show off their crumpets and sticky buns in a one-of- a-kind naughty online show sweeter than any you have ever imagined.

The hosts and special guests of our Baking Naked Show will draw from topics of the most recent scientific studies on sexuality while creating some of the most scrumdiddlyumptious confectionary goodies ever seen on the small screen.

Stay tuned for more production updates on the show, and to see the entire 1st Season of Baking Naked, please visit:


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