3rd Annual World Naked Bike Ride September 8th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

3rd Annual World Naked Bike Ride September 8th @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Las Vegas’ Premier Sexuality Museum Supports Local Chapter of Global Event Promoting Sexual Freedom!

LAS VEGAS, NV (August 30, 2018) – The Erotic Heritage Museum is pleased to announce its sponsorship and support of the local chapter of the World Naked
Bike Ride. Held this year on Saturday, September 8, the global event celebrates the body in its natural state, sexual freedom, and humanist empowerment.

“The EHM has sponsored the World Naked Bike Ride for the 3rd year now here in Las Vegas, because the spirit of the Ride mirrors our mission at the Museum:
nudity without shame; sustainability; and the freedom to flourish as an individual,” says EHM director Dr. Victoria Hartmann. “The Las Vegas Ride joins hundreds of Rides around the globe.
WNBR is not just a local phenomenon; it is a worldwide movement. We are grateful the WNBR has asked us once again to support their efforts to bring attention to these important issues here in Las Vegas.”

“I was loud, and I’ve never much cared for society’s rules regarding the obscenity of the naked body,” says WNBR Co-Founder Reverend Phil. “Clothes can be a
great thing, and provide many functions; fashion, comfort, warmth, and protection all have their place. But the function of supporting patriarchal norms, which make
feeling shame about not living up to the impossible standards we see in mass media? No, that is not a function I care for. So, with my loud voice, and marginal
appreciation of pants, I was invited to be the ride leader. Now, Portland has a Ride with more than 15 thousand naked bikers, and we’re proud to have a Ride
here in Las Vegas for our third year.”

For more information on the World Naked Bike Ride, including a video of a past WNBR event, visit https://pdxwnbr.org/why/ .
For information on the Las Vegas chapter of the World Naked Bike Ride, including rules of participation, visit

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