Costa Rica Primal Penetration Statues: The Kissing Couple

Costa Rica Primal Penetration Statues: The Kissing Couple

Sweet as well as sexual-and highly erotic in its own way-our Costa Rica Primal
Penetration Statue; The Kissing Couple is one of the EHM’s more unique items.
When it comes to sexual statuary from cultures, ancient or not, there is a rich vein
to explore across the museums of the world that display such artifacts.

Fortunately, the EHM does.

Surely we’ve seen a wide range of renderings in the erotic statuary we exhibit.
Despite place or time, we come to see pieces with exaggerated penises, an
occasional multi-partner coupling, a cultures’ spirit beast mating with a human.
But our Kissing Couple statue is a realistic depiction of human relations. The Costa
Rican Art Museum (MAC), (http://www.musarco.go.cr/) manning their own Costa
Rican Art Exhibit this very month (“Detrás del Portón Rojo: una visión de la
erótica en el arte costarricense” or “Behind the Red Gate: A Vision of the Erotic in
Costa Rican Art”) has tagged pieces of this kind of piece as presenting the “erotic
as a natural reality of the human being.”

As much as we champion the study of sexual mores and artifacts from bygone
ages, we are also consistently reminded of how little the human animal has
changed through the centuries. We might evolve in our views of the world and in
how we treat our fellows. We might be able to create ever better widgets or
manipulate our technologies with quicker ease. Modern culture even enjoys
museums like the EHM, the MAC, helping to better our understanding of who we
are. But when it comes to how we relate to one another, how we explore pleasure
and procreation, we haven’t changed all that much.

Our closely clutched, Penetration Statue certainly depicts the primal urge we all
have to kiss our lovers…and do quite a bit more.


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