Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show Installation

Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show Installation

Landing at the EHM for the next year (and we are so happy to have it) is the clever, provocative, and often hilarious, Bettina Hubby: The Sexual Bronze Show. As we all know, good sex, and a general positive adult attitude to our human intimacies comes from one’s ability to explore desires in many shapes, sizes and from a multitude of angles. Hubby’s show, celebrating the diversity of bodies and a body’s possible preferences is presented at the Erotic Heritage Museum for the first time, and reveals what we constantly champion…that sex can be many things and be got at many different ways, but it should always be pleasurable, fun, inventive and plentiful.

In this show, created and filled by Hubby, attendees get to experience a wide range of the artist’s sculpture, photographs and collages. For instance, one will find sculptures here where Hubby pairs a fresh kiwi and a disposable BIC razor, or a yam and a dispenser of dental floss…each object cast in bronze and precisely patinated. In her photos, she again pairs items, very often suggesting something wonderfully naughty given the size and shape of the items she compares. But more often than not, Hubby is looking to make one laugh as well, as she freely admits: “I take my humor seriously.”

Also, hung on our gallery walls by this artist are authentic grocery coupon advertisements. These are Hubby’s collages, where she sneaks in her own images and text into the everyday common ads we know all too well. For instances, a Ralph’s Grocery add for fresh food and low prices, presenting a pork roast at 50% off, has the added bubble caption, “Put the yum into the Extra Soft Trimmed Loin.” Nothing is off limits for Bettina Hubby’s wonderfully skewed bronzed view of the world.

You can find out more about Hubby here (http://www.hubbyco.com/). And, of course, come to the EHM to experience her show and everything else we are about.
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