Bare Men Exhibit @ Erotic Heritage Museum

Bare Men Exhibit @ Erotic Heritage Museum

LAS VEGAS – Beginning June 1, 2017, the Erotic Heritage Museum will present Bare Men by Abigail Ekue

Photography as the “Artist of the Month”.

About the Exhibition:

This is the first exhibit of Bare Men outside of New York for Abigail Ekue, a photographer known for her direct and raw depiction of the human body including full-frontal male nudity. The exhibition at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas is set to run from June 1 through July 31, 2017, making it the longest exhibit of the series to date, and will include erotic photography from the Bare Men series, including some previously unreleased images and photographs published in the Bare Men book. “I love the idea of Bare Men being in Las Vegas! Yes, Las Vegas has the ‘Sin City’ nickname and there will be erotic images presented, but it’s also about the freedom that comes with nudity. I think there’s a freedom to Las Vegas.”

Bare Men features art, editorial and erotic nude photographs of men sharing moments of joy, release, ecstasy and angst with full-frontal nudity. Abigail Ekue turns the female gaze on to the male body exposing the vulnerability, sensuality, and sexuality of men. “I’ve been questioned about the role reversal and power dynamics of my photo shoots. I don’t see it as a power trip but a creative collaboration that doesn’t shy away from the erotic.”

The Bare Men exhibit for the “Artist of the Month” exhibit at the Erotic Heritage Museum highlights the usually private moments of arousal and how men express their sexuality. “Solo sex for men is more than just ‘jerk and squirt’. It levels the playing field to witness that men aren’t above setting a scene or drawing out the experience. Then there’s the added layer of knowing they’re being photographed that either thrills or terrifies some of them.”

Abigail Ekue is available for commissioned nude and erotic photo shoots. Updates on her domestic and international travel schedule will be posted on her website, social media accounts and sent to her mailing list subscribers. She is currently unrepresented.

The Erotic Heritage Museum (3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About the Artist:

Abigail Ekue is a New York-based author and photographer. Abigail Ekue Photography has been featured in The Huffington Post, PAPER, Refinery29, The Creators Project, Séparée (DE), Erotic Review Magazine (UK), WideWalls (CH), The Naked and the Lens and Math Magazine and she’s appeared on various media outlets including W Radio Colombia, VICE, SiriusXM and Madhouse TV. She has participated in various group exhibitions and has had photography exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York and Musée du Louvre. The first edition of her book, Bare Men was published in 2016.

She is the author of The Darker Side of Lust (1st, 2nd edition) and Exhaust Pipes under her publishing company, Native Creative Press. Her writing career began as a health, fitness and nutrition freelance writer. On her blog she covers sex, dating & relationships, pens revealing personal essays and emotionally direct rants. Ekue owns and operates Native Creative Concierge, a private excursion service and is the creator of the natural hair t-shirt brand, Don’t Pet The FroTM. Abigail Ekue is available for interviews. For press/media inquiries, photo republishing permissions: abigail@abigailekue.com

Social Media:
Twitter: @abigailwrites
Instagram: @nativecreative_photo
Tumblr: abigailekue

Gallery contact:

Dr. Victoria Hartmann, Ph.D.
Erotic Heritage Museum
3275 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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