Will Our Sexual Freedoms Really Be Gone In A Trump Presidency?

Will Our Sexual Freedoms Really Be Gone In A Trump Presidency?

Yes, it happened. Yes, you can protest, cry to yourself, damn the Electoral College, click your mouse over to the Canada tourism website daily. The simple fact is, he-who-so-many-won’t-name, is your President Elect. So, what becomes of the country, us all, our rights…and our sexual freedoms with this particular New Yorker taking helm?

Roe v.s. Wade Gets Repealed, Planned Parenthood Gets Closed?
If Trump’s prior claims can be believed (and that alone is in question) he might indeed come down very hard in Planned Parenthood funding. The repercussions on this for women (and men) across the U.S. could be staggering. As far as repealing Roe v.s Wade, while a seemingly Republican talking point, this might be harder for Trump to accomplish if indeed he wants to see the famous Supreme Court decision overturned. No one is saying he can’t manage it, but a sweeping legislation such as this, to actually repeal something the Supreme Court has allowed for decades will be harder to change then dismantling Obama Care…as Trump as also seemed to have set his guns for.

Saying Goodbye To Civil Rights for Homosexual And Trans Folks?
A hetero white Christian world doesn’t do all that well with men “lying down with men” and certainly with folks who do not identify with the gender they were born to. Where will the hard fight for civil rights for us all come to in the upcoming presidency?

A Rise In Cultural Misogyny and Hate Speech?
Again, we can go on what The Donald has said about women to judge how he feels about women…be we correct or not. But with the supposed rise in racism people and hate speech heard circling around the Trump camp, many folks are worried that some icky human tendencies might rise in the culture.

Truly impossible to calculate on any real scale, it might be true that certain people with certain views feel more comfortable speaking those views now that their President has said some not so nice things.

Is it time to power the vibrators for a nice long winter? Should we circle the wagons in further protests? Need we hide certain downloaded video and books? These are tough questions for what could be even tougher times ahead under our new President’s reign.

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