We indeed are stronger a year later.

What Stephen Paddock did to the EHM’s home city has not been forgotten and
was remembered Monday when our marquees, as well the infamous, “Welcome to
Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, dimmed starting at 10:01 p.m. Throughout the day one
could see marquees displaying slogans like “One Year Braver; One Year Closer;
One Year Kinder; One Year Prouder; One Year Stronger. #VegasStronger,” before
the honor of our lights ‘going dark.’

As Gov. Brian Sandoval said:

“Our great state has shown the country and indeed the world what Vegas Strong is
every day for nearly a year. The events of 1 October affected so many, and I think
it is only right to show the world again how Vegas Strong Nevada is on the one
year anniversary.”

In the face of the mundane like the latest Kardashian Instagram photos, new
Netflix shows hitting for October, yearly end-of-the-month Halloween
celebrations, and even important news like the F.B.I probing Supreme Court
judicial nominees, Las Vegas took to heart what is really important; honoring the
58 people killed and 800 plus injured at Route 91 Harvest Festival, last year. When
one considers how our city is built on the lights lining the strip, how our neon and
flash is synonymous with our commerce, our shops and casinos showing their
shared support displayed that spirit we who love and work here always knew

Whether on was lining pedestrian bridges, standing on the strip looking skyward,
or gazing out from a hotel room window, silence descended as our fair, brave and
oh-so-resilient city showed our appreciation for those fallen and those still here.
We work hard here to honor the traditions of fairness, freedom, and a love for our
fellow man that our fair city always displays, even during its busy days and jam-
packed often crazy nights. A year ago, and every day (and night) before and since,
The Erotic Heritage Museum is proud to call Las Vegas home.

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