The Grinch May Have Stolen Christmas, But Christians Are Definitely Stealing Sex

The Grinch May Have Stolen Christmas, But Christians Are Definitely Stealing Sex

By now you have had to have heard American Bible-lovers crying over a supposed modern “War On Christianity”; does no-one notice how these very same people have declared a war on sex?

Sex is natural, fun and in all ways a kinda great way humans can pass a few hours; the common guy and girl as well as pornographers, sex therapists and yes, even some theologians come to champion a good hump (the U.K.’s Charlotte Rose, who organized a FaceSitting Protest against sexual repression last year has organized another ‘sit in for Dec. 12th outside Parliament https://www.facebook.com/events/1628163694116349/.) Even with prostitution pretty much illegal in most of the U.S., actual laws against sodomy (defined in most quarters as anal or oral intercourse) still on the books and whole sections of the population claiming our ever-evolving same sex marriage laws as a scourge against humanity, your neighbors are engaging their bodies, alone or with a partner, in a whole bunch of acts that will not lead to procreation (and sex for procreation is the only reason to have sex according to the Bible).

Say it ain’t so!

Holier-then-thou-ers want to prevent people from the God-given (if you believe in the big man or woman upstairs then you must believe he gave us what he did to use it) wonder that is sex simply because they know (either from firsthand experience or from what they have stumbled upon across Clips4Sale) that naughty action simply feels so damn good. A populace need fear their bodies (and therefore their God) as the sexually satiated man or woman does not a penitent worshipper make. There is simply no place for sex-for-fun in a world where a good smiting is just around the corner, where the almighty brought down up the Earth the plague of AIDS to punish homosexuals, where heterosexual intercourse is viewed as more utilitarian then fun.

Unlike the classic “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” cartoon that enjoys an airing this time of year, the Christians who stole sex are waging their war 12 months a year, to make sure we are all protected from ourselves by the edict of what they interpret from a book centuries of years old.

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