It’s Not Sex Addiction Harvey

It’s Not Sex Addiction Harvey

Harvey Weinstein has been ‘on the run,’ since last week when reporter Ronan
Farrow presented audio of the movie mogul pressuring model Ambra Battilana into
some sexual congress (which she refused again and again). Since then, many a
starlet has been coming out about the advances Weinstein made on them over the
span of a sickening number of years (some actresses are claiming Weinstein raped
them) and Hollywood’s dark secret about this man seems to be now seeing some
light. Weinstein is seeming set to enter a live-in rehab facility to address his
‘problem,’ was fired from his company as of last week. But stories of the
ubiquitous Hollywood casting couch aside, when histories like this are exposed,
once again phrases like ‘sex addiction’ get thrown around by the masses.

And that exasperates the problem.

One of the leading critics of the moniker-and, therefore, treatment of-“sex
addiction” is clinical psychologist Dr. David Ley. As he did when his book The
Myth of Sex Addiction came out, and as he has gone on record presently over, Ley
reminds us all that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the
considered scientific, authoritative guide for psychiatric diagnosis in the U.S., has
never accepted sex addiction as a clinical diagnosis. As quite a few celebrities
before him have – David Duchovny, Ozzy Osborne, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner
– Weinstein seems to be reaching for the accepted cultural blanket excuse (and its
cure). Doesn’t this all simply come down to one man wielding his power on those
he knew he could get over on?

It’s a terrible state of affairs, and equally terrible that it is all too common, but men
in power have been wielding their power over women (and men) for a very long
time…and will continue to do so no matter how many seem cured after a stint in a
plush facility. To further prove it was about power in Weinstein’s case, and not just
forced sexual congress, reports are now surfacing that he used blackmail (see
here:http://vongutenberg.com/blog/2017/10/14/harvey-weinstein- abuses-fashion/)
via his wife’s fashion brand to bend actresses to do his bidding. If a lady did not
wear/support Weinstein’s wife clothes, he, in turn, would not support that actress’s
latest movie or career.

And on top of the tragedy of the abuses here, is the question of just how many
people in Hollywood (and not the actresses he abused) seemed to know about
Harvey Weinstein’s behavior for so many years.

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