Is It Time for a Crime?

Is It Time for a Crime?

Not that any of us should have believed we were truly safe in the Facebook
universe, but recently the massive social media network revealed a California
escort’s real identity. Somehow Mark Zuckerberg’s folly/creation connected the
escort’s clients to her ‘People You May Know,’ and the lady’s real identity (which
she did indeed have as a Facebook account) meshed with her professional one.

As we have reported before and is well known for any of us working in the ‘adult’
field-running and maintaining a sex museum, strip club owners, niche adult fiction
writers-crimes are committed upon our persons, places of business, and on our
intellectual property all the time (see here if you have yet to read about the
museum’s recent troubles: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ehm-recovery-
fund#/) But what makes us different than others working a ‘mainstream’ job,
anonymity is of the highest premium for some men and women working in the
adult field (as it is for the escort above). Therefore the repercussions of this
invasion of privacy crime, while maybe not something that rates very high in the
mainstream world-in fact in the mainstream world an owner/workers of a business
or some service usually wants to be known-cannot be measured by conventional

Nor might restitution even be calculated, or a crime reported for people working in
the adult world…especially if that worker performs a service deemed illegal still in
most of the U.S.

When no real legal ramifications come from private celebrity pics ‘acquired’ off
their iCloud accounts and cheating spouses outed through sweeping net hacks, will
what happened on Facebook to the escort even rate? In a world where everything is
known by anybody in the blink of an eye, do we regard all that we can grab with a
mouse click public property? Is that supposed social self-policing happening across
portals like Facebook something we should all simply take for granted? And once
again, will the concerns of someone working to the side of the mainstream, in a
much-needed service, be not considered equally as the concerns of other folks, or
even at all?

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