How Much Is Too Much: Showing Off Across Social Media

How Much Is Too Much: Showing Off Across Social Media

Is it any surprise that a ‘Real Housewife’ (Vicki Gunvalson to be precise from Real Housewives of Orange County) flashed her bare breasts during a recent episode of the show? These precious moments are what reality television is made from, so the baring of some skin doesn’t really shock ardent viewers or even the mildly voyeuristic. What did surprise Vicki though was that after one of her fellow housewives put a picture of Vicki flashing out around social media, it fell into the hands of a fifteen year-old girl and the F.B.I. are now investigating if indeed Vicki might be accountable for passing lewd material to a minor.

Not just housewives live the modern day razor’s edge of a ‘just because we can, should we?’ conundrum. Time and again semi-nude celeb Instagram or Twitter pics are called out by critics, as much for shaming, as for cries of public decency. We have seen more of a Kim Kardashian or certain male rap stars (with our without Kim K. in bed next to them) that there is not much we don’t really know about what our best and brightest really look like under it all.

It might be well worth quoting Larry Flynt in these instances of possible public outrage and questions of legal indecency. Mr. Flynt famously asked: “How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve this success?” to which any reality T.V. star, celebrity of stage, screen or basketball court, even politician need be considering  hard and long these days. When is it simply bad form, ‘enough is enough,’ boarding on the tasteless to use social media or at least have it be too near, exposing yourself or opinion?

Everyone has a ‘voice; they can certainly have heard these days…as much as everyone can capture and send a bared body part across Snap Chat. The question is, should we, always, at all times, when the whim takes us show and say what we want and further more; might that whim to expose ourselves be leading us into deep legal battles we could have avoided if we just stayed covered or quiet?



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