Halloween: Amateur Night?

Halloween: Amateur Night?

Sexy “French Maids,” hunky cavemen, the obligatory wanna-be dom corset wearing housewife, even new-age zombie’s showing a comely amount of skin; all manner of ‘mainstream’ sexy costumes will light upon us come October 31st. To the fetish fashionista, All Hallows’ Eve home parties and suburban bar costume contests mark a true amateur night for those who do not dress in leather, latex or opposite their gender in their everyday passings.

“Yes, there certainly are lots more people dressing like life-stylers during the weekend of Halloween, but it’s a delight to see for any of us interested in fantasy wardrobe, cosplayers or just simple alternative wardrobe lovers,” say Erick Von Gutenberg, CEO of the global latex fashion publication Von Gutenberg Magazine.

Attending ‘haunts’ round the nation, like the infamous “Blood Manor” in NYC or the supreme night of sexy ghouls here at the EHM, “Slaughterhouse,” once-a-year scary stylers can step out guilt free in their sexy sass and give it their best baring, knowing come November, the PVC and low-cut bodices will get hidden away for another year.

Or do they?

“I do often wonder if a Halloween dress-up hasn’t prompted a few people to somehow sneak in slightly more adventurous wardrobe choices during the rest of the year,” Erik muses. “The look, feel, smell even of some materials is very addictive, as the alternate fashionista surely knows.”

It does make one wonder. Who begins to wear what under their clothes after the candy is all given out? Is there a certain percentage of men and women who get turned-on to even the idea of wearing something ‘different’ the what they usually do simple because they saw themselves passing in a mirror and damn well liked how that particular pair of latex pants looked across their butt?

Happy Halloween to all, no matter how you are dressed come the 31st.

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